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Im getting $1,781.91 for yours on another site http://www.urlappraisal.net/search.p...ubmit=Appraise $168,521.31 for Styleforum http://www.urlappraisal.net/search.p...ubmit=Appraise EDIT - This is fun, Google is worth $59,777,714,493.55 http://www.urlappraisal.net/search.p...ubmit=Appraise
You'll love the place, i've been here 2 years and can't imagine living anywhere else now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maccimus What's wrong with the second one? You see the unbalanced pockets? I didnt notice it before, but do now! Hmm, wonder if it's design of flaw... though I suspect the former. I also like these ones: U-NI-TY Brown Blazer http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/U-NI-T..._clothingmen80 Quote: Composition: 63% Wool, 8% Nylon, 29% Linen Details: flannel, herringbone, boning, 3 buttons, three...
Apologies if a similar topioc has been posted about the specific U-NI-TY brand, I did a forum search (honest) and nothing came up that I could find. Anyway, i've been looking for some Blazers / Sports Coats lately and while perusing various designer slim-fitting ones came accross these beauties: http://www1.yoox.com/YOOX/U-NI-TY/cl...acromicro_yoox My favourites i've seen in order of preference are: U-NI-TY Black Blazer (my favourite, would look killer with a white...
The Tefal Acti-Fry has suffered from a slew of complaints regarding design and build quality, resulting in a 300m lawsuit, and several Watchdog program features. See here http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/..._in_smoke.html Personally I wouldn't risk it until they released a revised model that fixed this issues... which they have yet to do as far as I know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orphan Hey guys, I remember reading about a few places in vietnam and similar that offer made to order shirts and wanted to inquire about if they are worth while? The issue is I have quite wide shoulders compared to my waist and I have yet to find a shirt that fits my shoulders but is not extremely loose around my waist. The only shirts I have found to fit my waist reasonably well are far too narrow for my shoulders and I...
What 5 colours would you guys choose for general use... think white, red, navy, pink and purple would form a good initial base? Savile Row are doing them (pure silk) for £5 with worldwide shipping http://www.savilerowco.com/products/...-handkerchiefs
So are even the small pony logos frowned upon then, for the custom fit polo shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Varvatos Purcells are beat to shit. Have a $79 Zappos credit, should I try these since they seem out of the laceless Varvatos Purcells....? Nice shoes, but I know for a fact that the FIRST thing my friends would see when the read that label would be "Supergay". "Hey Rich, wearing your Supergays again?" "Heh, Rich has his Supergays on". And no, my friends aren't morons, just typical late twenty and early...
Trousers are too long for sure, but the biggest thing for me is that the but of the suit isn't very tailored to your silouhette... it just kind of "hangs".
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