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Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmaged When I wear the jacket unzipped all is well... but when I zip it up, there seems to be almost some sort of ballooning in the back. Is it because I bought it a little too big? I'd be slightly pissed off if I screwed up the sizing since I've really grown fond of this jacket I had the same fit issue with my moto, so I had a tailor take the back in a little. Quick fix.
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Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh They fit big. Probably size down 1/2 from Ricards. Tried on but didn't get them. size wise, how do those brogues compare to Cesars? should I still go for 1/2(s) smaller? sorry, Ive never handled Ricards.
got my refund today.
$170 for those supras is a bit much
^^^ u wash your underwear every 6 months? wtf
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper Looking to be ghettofab. Opinions? what are those? I kinda dig.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu Beautiful. Can those still be found anywhere?
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