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Quote: Originally Posted by mojo_lo 11birthday@yoox 15% (works in US, not sure about other countries; not sure of expiration date) longhorns@yoox 10% (works in US, not sure about other countries; not sure of expiration date) thanx
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostdog123 Has anyone noticed how earily close M.Grifoni comes to violating CP's only possible trademark/logo? Sorry cannot grab pics due to flash. http://www.antonioli.eu/products/849...-shoes?gen=men didnt marc jacobs do this, too, a few seasons back? lol
its almost summer in Canada so been wearing my fav warm weather scent: "Uomo" by Lorenzo Villoresi. also in rotation - terre d'hermes and kenzo "power".
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 learn to speak english by the time you are 17. what the fuck is "dat?" stop acting like you live in the ghetto yo ... this is a fashion forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmaged When I wear the jacket unzipped all is well... but when I zip it up, there seems to be almost some sort of ballooning in the back. Is it because I bought it a little too big? I'd be slightly pissed off if I screwed up the sizing since I've really grown fond of this jacket I had the same fit issue with my moto, so I had a tailor take the back in a little. Quick fix.
GOAL 10% + free shipping ends today, so act quickly!
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh They fit big. Probably size down 1/2 from Ricards. Tried on but didn't get them. size wise, how do those brogues compare to Cesars? should I still go for 1/2(s) smaller? sorry, Ive never handled Ricards.
got my refund today.
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