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there are much better Costume National sneaks on there. those just look plain (ugly) and boring, like something a grandma would wear.
Yes. They're also not as narrow as cp's.
^^ I own the first two pairs. The first GAT look-a-likes are actually pretty decent quality. very comfortable. they run tts, though slightly on the larger side, I'd say. would definitely recommend. The Doucal's are of mazing quality. pretty comparable to CP's, imo, in both, style and durability. these run slightly larger, but since they dont make half sizes I'd suggest to size down one. I own two pairs now. Both brands are made in Italy. very happy with their sneaks so...
yeah, the 6o6's in grey suede. the guys trying to push his "yoox pair" for almost 400, lol. looks like he also picked up a bunch of JV USA moctoe boots in different sizes and now trying to flip 'em for twice of what he paid. I was considering picking up a pair of 6o6's for myself, with a recent coupon they were down at 170 or something like that, but in the end went with n.d.c's for slightly more.
there still some Varvatos boots on yoox, at a decent price. actually, thats where the ebay seller probably got them from and now selling for twice of what he actually paid. flipper.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King I'm getting a "code expired" on the 11BIRTHDAY@YOOX coupon.....strange since it's on their home page! the email said that its good until the 22nd. strange.
Quote: Originally Posted by mojo_lo 11birthday@yoox 15% (works in US, not sure about other countries; not sure of expiration date) longhorns@yoox 10% (works in US, not sure about other countries; not sure of expiration date) thanx
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostdog123 Has anyone noticed how earily close M.Grifoni comes to violating CP's only possible trademark/logo? Sorry cannot grab pics due to flash. didnt marc jacobs do this, too, a few seasons back? lol
its almost summer in Canada so been wearing my fav warm weather scent: "Uomo" by Lorenzo Villoresi. also in rotation - terre d'hermes and kenzo "power".
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 learn to speak english by the time you are 17. what the fuck is "dat?" stop acting like you live in the ghetto yo ... this is a fashion forum.
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