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La nuit sucks, imo. Black Orchid is dope, however.
quality is fine, though Id never pay retail for any of it. Costume National Homme, on the other hand..
those will serve you well. I wore the crap out of mine last summer and they're still alive and kicking. I have the GAT look-a-likes, though. I believe there's still some left in size 12, for around $60 on yoox.
yeah, it would probably be too large on you. Isnt most of the "CNC" CN stuff made in China? I have a few knits and they are indeed tagged as such.
175 seems a bit much for winter boots, ESPECIALLY if you live in Canada..
bump, price drop.
For sale: hand made elevator shoes by Don's shoes ( Superb quality and construction at a reasonable price, very comfortable, too. Original price was $235. Im selling these for a friend of mine. Unfortunately, they fit slightly larger than he thought they would. They're size 8.5 US, but could easily fit a size 9 US, as well. They were worn once outside in a dry condition for less than an hour. These shoes will...
didnt see this thread fall2011@yoox - 10% off why no free shipping, yoox??? fuk
Didnt feel like starting a new thread. Here are a couple of coupons, each gives you 10% off: FALLTREATS@YOOX FALL2011@YOOX
Do you guys get your PS shoes topied before you start wearing them? Just bought a new pair and not sure whether I should protect the soles while theyre still unworn.
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