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didnt see this thread fall2011@yoox - 10% off why no free shipping, yoox??? fuk
Didnt feel like starting a new thread. Here are a couple of coupons, each gives you 10% off: FALLTREATS@YOOX FALL2011@YOOX
Do you guys get your PS shoes topied before you start wearing them? Just bought a new pair and not sure whether I should protect the soles while theyre still unworn.
six o six's are pretty nice. would definitely pick up at half the price.
^^they're ok. Not worth that price tag, though, considering they're made in China. JV USA is all made in China, btw. His mainline footwear is pretty decent, I must say.
beautiful . how much $?
^^but who was CLOTHS?
size down one from chucks
Same sizing as CP's. Size down one.
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