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tempted to pick up a pair lol. no way id ever spend a grand on the real thing.
cool. still picked up a few pairs of shorts for 20 a pop lol
nightfever@yoox 10% + free shipping on everything yeah, Moma is the shit. Im still rocking my side-zips I picked up a year ago for $70.
nightfever@yoox 10% + free ship on EVERYTHING expires tonight, so put that sucker to use
^^ they're not bad. what are they?
Id recommend going a full size down, especially if you have narrow feet.
nice boots. solid brand. you won't be disappointed.
La nuit sucks, imo. Black Orchid is dope, however.
quality is fine, though Id never pay retail for any of it. Costume National Homme, on the other hand..
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