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thats a steal
Moma shoes probably run the same as their boots - 1, 1.5 down. I just picked up another pair of their boots for 180ish and possibly looking to grab another one soon. where are the codes at, yoox? o_O
'winterstyle' still works for me
so dope. at that price these are a steal. oh, why are your feet so small?
looks solid. what are the three pairs in the back row?
all equally ugly. just pick a pair.
pic http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/803/img0561xu.jpg/
I got lucky a while ago and picked up a pair for $70 (leather side-zips). Probably my favorite pair of boots, aside from my PS ones. I noticed, with all the popularity the brand has gained on the forums, their stuff seems a lot harder to come by, especially their boots which sell out before any kind of price reductions.
tried using giftlove to get free shipping to Canada, at least. didnt work
New Posts  All Forums: