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yeah, damn it. there hasnt been a free ship'n code in months.
7 UK should fit you well if you're 8 US in dress shoes
they fit large; same deal as Moma - size down one. Im not sure what the quality is like now, but the two pairs I picked up about two years ago (dress shoes and boots) were pretty poorly made. Also, the leather felt cheap - thin and plastic-like. would only recommend if you're in need of some beaters for everyday wear, at DEEP discount - $40/$50. they aint worth more than that.
JV mainline footwear is pretty decent, especially at half the retail price.
we've had 70% off for a while now in NA, 80% drops are just around the corner, too. and yeah, some of the stuff in my dreambox hasnt gone down much in price either.
clunk clunk
thats a steal
Moma shoes probably run the same as their boots - 1, 1.5 down. I just picked up another pair of their boots for 180ish and possibly looking to grab another one soon. where are the codes at, yoox? o_O
'winterstyle' still works for me
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