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Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 cnc is kind of junk IME. the mainline stuff is much better. what would be a better option in around 200 - $400 price range?
is Paul Smith leather outer wear any good? Im looking for a nice leather jacket.
Anyone ever seen/felt Paul Smith leather jackets? Are his jackets as good as his shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by game130 has someone any experiances with this brand? because i just orderd some knitwear from this brand by yoox. I have some button downs and cardigans on the way. will find out soon, I guess.
thinking of getting these for everyday/work wear. the heel is a lil too stacked for my liking, but I think I can get over it.. thoughts? thx
those PS boots are shweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by reversible I'm looking to get a pair of black leather shoes for casual/dressy wear year round, something that can work with both jeans and khakis. I really liked Red Wing's Beckman chukkas, but $300 is way too steep. I don't need anything super stylish or heavy duty, just durable and decent looking enough that I can rely on in most situations. Leaning towards chukkas though...they seem to be a good compromise for all-season...
Quote: Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck Over the weekend I gave them a cold soak, wore them around for about an hour immediately afterward, hung them to dry overnight with some towels rolled up in the hip/thigh area to stretch them, and then wore them all day until they were fully dry. They've probably stretched 2 sizes in the top block now and fit perfectly. Gonna give that a go. Thnx, bro...theyre too nice of a jean to miss out on....
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Benson Black N&F denim for snow and ski boarders. These pants are 100% water proof, have zippers at the bottom of the legs so you can wear them with ski boots. Good pants to have when it gets cold! N&F reverse dye (not the right title) but they start off white and as you wear them they fade blue, as you wear them even more they fade off white. The denim I spoke about standing on their own were the 32oz, these things...
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