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here,op this definitely won't feel "cheap to the touch"
anything out there similar to RO combat boots? looking for pair similar in style, preferably under $300, that would look good with a tuck. RO's footwear is too fukkin expensive..
got my pair of slim guy in black indigo today (wow, fast shipping from KarmaL). paid only $12 extra in duties/taxes! everything came up to just over $100 screw domestic shopping.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness She's making you buy her $150 shoes for your birthday?
^^ dude's spittin out blood through his cigarette
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz you will get hit with GST/HST/PST etc and then the brokerage fee, your deal won't be much of a deal $120 is still better than 150. not having to drive to the other end of the town in my big ass suv is a definite plus , too.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne I got the customsbomb a few months ago, think it was DHL (not sure). Thanks kl How much was your order? n&f is produced in NA, so hopefully there wont be any extra custom fees to pay. and yes, they still use DHL @ KL.
"top&bottom" and "shoes"
picked up the last pair of slim guy in black selvedge from KarmaL for $90 (shipped to Canada) good shietttt. wtf at me buying stuff that's made in Canada from the states. why doesnt their stuff ever go on sale here? every pair is at least $135CAD at our local boutique. :S. my 1st pair of wg's in deep indigo cost me $140CAD. fuk you, Canadian prices.
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