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great thread. will read to grandkids in the future.
bump for a great seller.
notwithit is an awesome seller. Superb communication, quick shipping. Buy with confidence!
http://www.revolveclothing.com/Brand...s+Denim&d=Mens or do a search in 'buying&selling'. there are few pairs for sale for cheaper.
here,op this definitely won't feel "cheap to the touch"
anything out there similar to RO combat boots? looking for pair similar in style, preferably under $300, that would look good with a tuck. RO's footwear is too fukkin expensive..
got my pair of slim guy in black indigo today (wow, fast shipping from KarmaL). paid only $12 extra in duties/taxes! everything came up to just over $100 screw domestic shopping.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness She's making you buy her $150 shoes for your birthday?
^^ dude's spittin out blood through his cigarette
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