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Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh I tried a pair of those on in my regular size. They do run slightly large. Maybe 1/2 size, but the store didn't have the next size down. damn, sounds like I need to size down with these. thanx.
I dont own any PFs, but my friend has a few pairs. He loves 'em. The black leather ones (forget what they're called) actually look pretty cool. Yoox had them on sale recently for $70.
Quote: Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck ^Damn, I love the corsos. Pretty much perfect, if you ask me. My other faves are the cesars. I've always been a fan of cap toes. Got my pair of Cesars in the mail today from blynch. Damn nice, versatile boots. These can be easily rocked with a suit. The soles are a bit slippery on flat surfaces.
blynch is a superb seller. Super fast shipping. Top notch communication.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Here's a cooler version which I am eying.
anyone own a pair of Varvatos convertible boots? they look like they run a bit on the larger side.
Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty Zee&Co is having another major discount on the ricard LOL damn i scored!!!!!!!! fuck yeah Im eyeing those brown pull-ons. Only pair left in my size. With shipping, customs, taxes and all that shit.. they'll probably be just over $300...fawk.
I just filed mine. the dude comes online and simply ignores the messages.
Quote: Originally Posted by clausc ^they go to the next sample sale (in 6 months). I saw some items in this sale which were there last year, but not in the F/W section. I am amazed on the shipping service from Yoox, I received today my order in about 24 hours from Italy to Switzerland, the bad part is the price (25 euros express shipping + 25 custom taxes) you guys have to pay customs in Europe? US - Canada, we only get charged shipping...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hollywars I thought the WG was supposed to have a relaxed top block, what is up with everyone having thigh trouble with them? cuz theyre made for dudes on the skinnier side. Ive been wearing mine for 4 months straight now and they still look "painted on" in the thigh area. cant say the same about the waist - where most of the stretching takes place, fme.
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