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Doucal's is a solid brand. Others, not so sure.
God damn!!! That sucks a big one. I might limit my purchases to once a year or so from now on. Fkn yoox. Sent them a "WTF?!" email. Everybody should do the same.
do KVA sneakers fit the same as CP's?
Where's the Yohji's Y3 line made? The sneakers in particular. Italy?
would only wear while unconscious or dead
Ive never had any issues with their merchandise (wrong color, size, etc.) and I've spent thousands on there.
jesus christ lol..can u scroll up a bit? I have those exact same boots, mine are dark brown, tho. they fit pretty narrow, about the same as CP's do, so size up at least half a size if you got wider feet.
ndc's are true to size. only peeps with wide feet should size up.
love my Momas. thinking of picking up another pair..theyve got some nice combat style boots on yoox currently.
all quite well-made. own a few pairs, lasting me a long time now.
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