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I am digging the loafers on the MTO. How does the Bob last compare with the Forrest or Rain last? Thanks in advance.
Wow, forum has gone off topic. I think Holger does a great job of customer service. He does his best to take care of you. I even sent a pair of boots back and he shipped out a better fitting pair. Speaking of great people, I dealt with @jpc9 again and purchased a few pairs of Carpe Diem boots: S40M and S43M. Both are awesome, however, I am trying to time wearing them with my wife not knowing they are new additions to the ever expanding collection of John's Zapateria. I am...
Picked up a pair of M.A+ Bison back zip boots from @JPC9 Awesome boots and great transaction.
Docdocgs, they are indeed shell just didn't type it. The guys at PN\P are solid, and now we have two great reviews. I look forward to the years of use. Your boots will be here soon, let us all know the details.
Picked up a pair of Layer-O 12.25's in Brownish (grey) Cordovan from Marco and Matteo at PNP-Firenze. Highly recommend them, the experience was professional and ridiculously quick shipping. These pictures are not my best work but they'll have to do for now. The fit is TTS and fairly comfortable. Look forward to my next pair of boots, CCPs sid zips. Enjoy
I think something like this will be a good shoot-tree.
I just found your post. I still can't recommend anything.
A mixture between Intermix and Scoop NYC?
I agree with you on both items.
Calling them up is a good idea. Your're right, my wife wants her turn at spending my money. After the movers stole everything, I ferociously began purchasing boots, dress shoes, and dress clothing. Slowly rebuilding what I had. However, my wife doesn't share the same affinity for men's clothing, and her growing complaints about my expanding collection versus her puny collection, while funny, is not fair.I hate living in NYC their are too many things to buy.
New Posts  All Forums: