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I bought them from Josh
See, I can't even keep up with the comments on this thread. I creap along.
I know. I am surprised the 8d is such a common size. I hate being a size. Oh well, I am several wait lists. I wish someone would do a whiskey or ravello PT boot. I missed out when Leather Soul did the boot a years ago.
How is everyone getting these boots? I keep calling and calling and I am always late to the game...I am like a kid in a candy store but my favorite candies are always sold out . Those boots are so sick and on my grail list. If anyone doesn't like or has a foot chop't off (and you wear an 8d), please let me know. I have two feet.Enjoy the weekend. I envy all you guys with Ravello and Whiskey.
Awesome shoes, these are on my grail list.
Very tempting, gonna pass on this makeup. I purchased this watch from Oliver Smith Jewelers in Scottsdale, AZ. I haven't worn it in years and want a different watch. The watch comes with box, papers, collectors books, and screw driver. Free shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
I am in.
That's an impressive collection. I need a shoe rack.
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