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I am in for whiskey double monks.
@steveyoo1983 I am in for the boot as well. How about purple or red lining?
I second this request, and I need the same size as well.
Those look beautiful.
Talking about the navy shells, although the w+h look nice I am holding out for the navy.
I missed out, should have checked before 2015 hit.
Those look really nice.
Wow, those look sexy!
Very nice
Purchased from Eckblk on behalf of another SF member. I felt like taking pictures today and decided thatt these can go onto a new home. Description is from Eckblk's page and pictures are mine. I wore them on 4 occasions and they are pretty dope looking shoes, gunboats which are a pretty cool look with a leather jacket and jeans. payment via paypal. CARPE DIEM S21M BACKZIP BOOT SIZE 41 (US 8-8.5) LOW INSTEP THEY ARE A TRUE 9.5/10 CONDITION. HEAVY DUTY HORSE WITH CALF...
New Posts  All Forums: