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I don't know what shoe you're discussing, but I read Navy Shell...I am in.
Customary shoe I am wearing picture.
I was lucky enough to snag a pair this go round. Sat at my desk until 12 and kept hitting refresh. I guess being a desk-jokey has it upsides.
I won't; no need to piss anyone off. I just saying...I can dream.
I'll have to post my collection of Navy Shell shoes/boots: 1 whole cut, 1 double monk, 1 dress boot, and 1 high-top sneaks. The urge for more is hard...Despite that fact, maybe we can get a couple of one-offs. I am allowed to dream.
I'd be super down for Navy Shell boots. I love Navy Shell.
Man, looks like #23 isn't going to be made. I am sad; I wanted another navy boot to round out my collection of anti-black boots.
Done, I hope #23 gets made.
On the 2030 last, I size the same as he Barrie Last.
#23, let's start voting on the eyelets:7) jfclarky,8)9)
New Posts  All Forums: