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Thanks, now I wait until September.
Again, this coat doesn't fit me anymore. I lost about 20 lbs on my trip to Everest. Picture attached for you to review. This coat is 50R / 40R in size. I am about 38-36 now. The coat is black and made of cotton and polyurethane. Happy to answer any questions. Size: M Made in: Romania Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 19 inches Chest: ~21 inches Sleeves: 25.5 inches Length: 35 inches
I have had this coat for a few years and having lost 20 lbs at Everest I am in need of a coat that fits me. This NY winter was brutal and I looked like a clown in this coat. The coat has a removable liner, which is pretty good. If you want too, one can wear the liner as a light coat. Happy to answer any questions. The coat is made of wool. Size: 50R/40R Made in: Romania Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 19.25 inches Chest: ~20 inches Sleeves: 26.25 inches Length: 38...
How I wish I was an 8.5 right now.
Sadly, I have to let these go. I bought these new from Unipair several months ago. For reference, I wear a 7.5D on the Alden Barrie, 7UK on the Carmina Forrest and Rain Lasts, 41 Carpe Diem and MA+, and 7.5 on the Viberg 2030 Last. If you have any questions please let me know. The loafers are on the Simpson last which I find little narrow for my feet. Thanks for looking
I am glad we don't have the same size feet.
I don't know what shoe you're discussing, but I read Navy Shell...I am in.
Customary shoe I am wearing picture.
I was lucky enough to snag a pair this go round. Sat at my desk until 12 and kept hitting refresh. I guess being a desk-jokey has it upsides.
I won't; no need to piss anyone off. I just saying...I can dream.
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