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I think something like this will be a good shoot-tree.
I just found your post. I still can't recommend anything.
A mixture between Intermix and Scoop NYC?
I agree with you on both items.
Calling them up is a good idea. Your're right, my wife wants her turn at spending my money. After the movers stole everything, I ferociously began purchasing boots, dress shoes, and dress clothing. Slowly rebuilding what I had. However, my wife doesn't share the same affinity for men's clothing, and her growing complaints about my expanding collection versus her puny collection, while funny, is not fair.I hate living in NYC their are too many things to buy.
http://www.sartorialoftla.com/en/product/product_detail.php?id=57#Wish I could pull the trigger.
These will be dope, but I just ordered a pair of scouts, FML.@rydenfan I agree with your comment on the leather sole. If the boots had a leather sole, I'd be in for sure. Now, my significant other that's another story. I'll have to buy her something nice.@docalden2013 you can wear these with almost anything, you just have to make it look good. Personally, paring them boots with dark indigo raw denim, like you said, would look great. These boots complement many chino...
I purchased these from RollingGreen http://www.styleforum.net/t/374409/viberg-boondockers-size-7-fits-size-8-brand-new These are sold out, get them while you can. I think that they can fit an 8 nicely, I am in between an 8 and 8.5. Thought I would wear them for a few days to see if they would stretch out. However, my right foot is larger than my left and my right toe is killing me. It's been a hard choice to sell these shoes. The shoes come with everything in the box:...
I purchased these shoes from LSBH about 5 months ago and it was treat to finally get them in the mail. They are the Gresham Jodphurs in an Antique Burgundy and are exceptionally made. Unfortunately for myself, these shoes are a little large and must be sold. They are unworn and come with dust bags, cleaning cloth, and welcome letter from EG. I would like $800 via paypal only. if anyone has any questions feel free to email or pm me.
New Posts  All Forums: