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@steveyoo1983 I am in for the boot as well. How about purple or red lining?
I second this request, and I need the same size as well.
Those look beautiful.
Talking about the navy shells, although the w+h look nice I am holding out for the navy.
I missed out, should have checked before 2015 hit.
Those look really nice.
Wow, those look sexy!
Very nice
Purchased from Eckblk on behalf of another SF member. I felt like taking pictures today and decided thatt these can go onto a new home. Description is from Eckblk's page and pictures are mine. I wore them on 4 occasions and they are pretty dope looking shoes, gunboats which are a pretty cool look with a leather jacket and jeans. payment via paypal. CARPE DIEM S21M BACKZIP BOOT SIZE 41 (US 8-8.5) LOW INSTEP THEY ARE A TRUE 9.5/10 CONDITION. HEAVY DUTY HORSE WITH CALF...
Purchased from Leather Soul a couple of years ago. These are not in rotation anymore and need to make room for other shoes. Comes with box, dust bags, cleaning cloth, and burgundy shoe cream from Leather Soul. Does not come with shoe trees. Free shipping to US only and payment via paypal. Any questions feel free to let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: