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Got it thanx.Re-ordered with pull-tab option.
Not to ask a stupid question but where do I put the message in the system?
Guys/@LA Guy,Count me out of Gandalf 2.0 and in for Gandalf 1.0. I prefer to have the boot made as is, with pull-tab, and not worry about the boot not being made at all because we couldn't come to a consensus over the pull-tab.Everyone who doesn't want to pull-tab please reconsider your decision and let's get this made.The boot will be great either way. I just want it made.Best,JC
Order is in. Looking forward to these make-ups.
I can move either way with the grey; I want the grey in either boot. Please, let's agree on one. I'll start with grey service boot.
I think the derby on Instagram is similar to the run Notre Shop had a few months back with Tan Horsehide. Hopefully, they arrive on time next month. Oh, I forgot about that, I am used to (G)MTOs have a delivery time many, many months away.The last batch of grey, I agree with your taste, would be a sexy addition to the derby or chukka; however, as much as I would like to see them made, I feel, we won't have enough votes to make that happen. I would love to be wrong and have...
Personally, the pull-tab isn't an issue with me: I am going to wear it no matter what.Anyone else interested in the Italian Greyhound derby? Maybe?
I concur with 50 Shades of Grey, not the sexiest name in the world and the book is terribly written. When my and wife and I were in Nepal, we left the book at a tea house called Rivendale in Deboche, Nepal. Hopefully, someone found a use for it: toilet paper, fire starter, or rolling papers.
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