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All that work for the Gandalf and it might not happen. That is pretty sad. I hope someone jumps on the opportunity to own a pair of grey guidi calf leather boots.I saw Brett post a picture on Instagram of a pair of slip-ons that look amazing. I would be all over a pair of those as well.
@LA Guy Thanks for putting this together. My payment is in and look forward to adding the boots to my collection.
Count me in as well. I am sad I missed out on the first run. I must have been on a different thread.
Well, that's too bad. I will get the Gandalf in that case.
Fok,Dude, I am having one of those days. I meant the Italian Greyhound. Holy crap.
Vote in for Gandalf 2.0. Hope we get some more votes!
I am going to propose the same grey Italian calf chukka: "Italian Greyhound" Model: Chukka Last: 2030 Leather: Grey Italian Calf Tongue: Grey Italian Calf Eyelets: 3 hidden eyelets Sole: Dainite Notes: Greased Midsole, Stitchdown GYW construction
I guess I was being dumb when I typed that. I will still buy the chukka, and we get a $20 credit either way.
I don't know what to do with this. Can we do another Greyhound type Chukka? I am still game for what we had originally, as long as price is reflected.
Woo, not to get to get into a pissing match but mid-town is nothing like Jersey. I am just saying.
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