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no need to succeed, if you have the cash then you should buy the watch now. At this price that watch is a steal. You can't get a better deal anywhere, especially since you are getting 4 straps with it. those straps are $150 min if they are from Panerai.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama That would be a nice cigar to own. The replacement cost for one of those is around $850. Hope you enjoyed it! It was a gift from another drunk friend, you know what happens when you play poker at someone's house that wants to show off and then i forced to break-em out. I haven't looked into the price of them because I really didn't want to know how much money I wasted by smoking that cigar. It tasted like a...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Had a big pour of ER17 and a Davidoff Gran Cru 1 last night at my local cigar bar. Davidoff makes some of the best cigars, I had 80th anniversary Davidoff cuban cigar a few years back. I shouldn't have been drinking that night because I would still own that cigar. http://blogs.wsj.com/scene/2010/10/2...-inhale-taste/ funny article about smoking in HK, i am surprised they don't' mention the Peninsula...
defender hands down one of the best off-road vehicles ever next to 1997 toyota land cruiser. That said used defenders are +$30k you should look at a land cruiser. Estas en Espana todavia?
payment sent!
My favorite cigar, Partags No 4, quick smoke with the weekend paper.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunga Why wouldn't you wan't to lewk like this: enough said That guy is fantastic, Layer Cake is one of my favorite movies of all time. Now all I have to do is make it look it I had this idea all along because I will never hear the end of it.
I am getting married and my fiancee told me that I would look trashy wearing a tie instead of a bow tie. What is the general rule or consensus on this topic? I have tried searching the forum but found nothing. No picture of the tux but I will be wearing a white shirt with with a collar. The tux jacket will be single breasted with two buttons, black in color.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdaws Bought a few Cohibas in Mexico 2 weeks ago, and as I'm (finally) unpacking everything I pulled one out that I'd forgotten about. How long do one of these last outside a humidor? Is it worth smoking? Send me the cigars, I will personally examine them for you and tell you if they can be smoked or not. The info from above is probably your best bet though. if you have a humidor is recommend...
call them up maybe you can negotiate a price, I have done so before. These places are empty so why not get something for them.
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