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Beyond the One Big Idea
I am applying to business school, kind of early, whatever it doesn't matter. Question, to title the application essay(s) or not and should include my name on the header or footer?
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from what i've heard buyside is better than sellside. I work on the buyside and I couldn't imagine bringing a company to market and going through that process. It's like picking a prostitue at a whore house. I find the best part of this other that the paychecks are diversity of CEO's I get to talk to.
wtf, exit options? Being an IB is awesome and sux. until you get 100-200M in deals under your belt, you should be concerned with the next 10 deals to get that number. I work at a small boutique firm so it is cool but you start to know a lot people in the industry quick. You need to network, network, network, and network. That is how i got my job, and i used to work with my boss at another job like 5 years ago. This is also my opinion as well but I think the CFA might...
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper IBD Analyst -> Associate -> MBA -> VP? I skipped analyst and was hired as an associate. I have no intention of getting my MBA anytime soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa There's a reason everyone is recommending P90X...it's because it works (if you stick to it) The other one people should recommend is the Insanity Workout. This is ALL body weight exercises and does not involve any weights or pull up bars. This is another one that if you stick to, you WILL see results. Plus, I believe it's only a 60 day cycle. So there you have it...P90X or Insanity are great home workouts. Do...
Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k Is that the one from Leffot? Looks great! feels great but I did not purchase from them. Same strap though.
http://www.amazon.com/Margin-Safety-...7709638&sr=1-1 Margin of Safety, awesome book. I own it and love it. btw if you want the book or anyone else wants pm me your email address
i went arching this past weekend. I hit a lot of foam.
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