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call them up maybe you can negotiate a price, I have done so before. These places are empty so why not get something for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by tricky Wow that is a great looking watch. I've been saving up for a Rolex but after seeing your pic I started looking at the Ball line-up and am really loving the look of the Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster and Magnate GMT. I've haven't heard much about the reliability and quality of Ball but I'm intrigued. Maybe I won't have to save up as much now They make great watches at a great price. I think they are the...
Phoenix water tastes horrible but NYC water is some of the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Yes next time serve a corndog and a delicious slurpee next to your toast-r-oven cheezybread. wow, you're a dick!
yes it was a nice night out when i smoked it. I would rather have smoked it at The Ambassador Cigar Shope but he is way too far from me now.
http://www.parisperfect.com/ these guys are awesome and they have the best houses to rent. I would say screw the hotel and get yourself a flat to rent. I have been using them for years, you will not be disapointed.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain your photog skills are not bad but those look gross. It may have looked gross but it was delicious especially with the pepperonis that i put underneath the cheese. Next time I will break out the halogen lights an a background for you.
Cigar had a great draw but almost no flavor and very light to light medium body. Not my kind of cigar very disappointed with it. Quote: Originally Posted by jfclarky Nice, well I have the Romeo y Julieta DUKE Edicion Limitada 2009 Size: Length: 5 1/2" Ring Gauge: 54 taken the clothes off
Quote: Originally Posted by YuppieSkuppie That's cold! it is what it is, plus my brother is an @$$hole to me so i don't really care. The top of the shoe wore funny on my foot and it bent where my toes were an it made it very uncomfortable to wear or walk in. I tried wearing thicker socks but then though why the hell should be wearing thicker socks. I would suggest you size down a full size the run very big. I have very narrow feet and...
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