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Looking for a proxy from Northampton, England to USA. Please pm
put them up on picassa and then link to them pretty simple. pm me if you have questions.
Pm'd on the three piece
I can't discuss that at this time
Quote: Originally Posted by esquire. I got the above 5 feet Monster HDMI cables, and they're a bit longer than they need to be where something like 3 feet or 4 feet would probably work too. ( I know, I know, Monster cables are a rip-off but they were a Black Friday Special) At 5 feet, they have slack to the cable whereas something at 3 feet the cable would be tighter. Should I keep the 5 feet cables, or get the 3 feet cables? return all that...
I love that place
have a nice birthday bud
I had one of these, I don't smoke cigarettes ever, if you get a cartridge that leaks it'll get all over your mouth and that stuff tastes like crap. You have to inhale so hard to get any of that "air" into your lungs that it makes you light-headed. After a while i just gave it away. If you can get one for free try it out, if not don't even bother with it. Just quit smoking and start chewing gum instead of smoking and don't hang around people that smoke.
yes i am very sad about what has become of our cigars. I am glad the company that i use for cigars does not ship cigars with my labels on them.
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