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Sweet god they look great. Why do they tempt with these things. Anyone want to buy/take my place on Lost & Found's pre order for a pair of Viberg's in 7.5D Natural CXL with a Brogue Captoe on the 2030 due the 2nd week of September?It s a good deal with the exchange rate. Thought I would ask.
WTF, that was a weird video.
Hahaha, sad.
I want them as well. If we can get enough interest maybe it can happen.
Nice, looks like we passed the hump!
All that work for the Gandalf and it might not happen. That is pretty sad. I hope someone jumps on the opportunity to own a pair of grey guidi calf leather boots.I saw Brett post a picture on Instagram of a pair of slip-ons that look amazing. I would be all over a pair of those as well.
@LA Guy Thanks for putting this together. My payment is in and look forward to adding the boots to my collection.
Count me in as well. I am sad I missed out on the first run. I must have been on a different thread.
Well, that's too bad. I will get the Gandalf in that case.
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