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Correct, they are from LS and the date is correct. Might be interested, however, I need to unload these beauties: don't want t lose my deposit.
Question for anyone that has / have any size 7.5d aldens' and would like to trade for 8.5d or anyone that is an 8.5d. I ordered a pair of color #8 Pitt Boots a few years ago and, to my surprise, they arrived, however, I need a size 7.5d. They are brand new, haven't taken receipt of, price is $775. If anyone has ravello or whiskey in 7.5d or would like to take them for me please let me know ASAP!! Exchanged
This is an awesome way to lace the scout's- I am going to try this later.
WelcomeCan you let us know the price point - this looks great.
I am surprised as well. IMHO, the Christy sole is much easier on my knees and hip flexors than the Dainite sole, at least as is relates to Viberg boots.
All this talk of preorders from Notre and Lost & Found... Thought someone might enjoy the picture, and I wanted to try out a new LED light I picked up for my camera. 3 days a week wear for 2 years - love the patina around the top. Currently, working on the waxed flesh service boot, but a new pair of tan horse derbies are on their way to my home. And I have a pair of boots at the office. Damn, it would be funny if my wife read this - she would so kill me. The melodic,...
Same. Paid. Waiting.
Dude, thanks!
Have you ever seen a unicorn?Search around the thread, great advice on what retailers to contact and don't forget to be persistent.
Interest check: Anyone want to buy/take my place on Lost & Found's pre order for a pair of Viberg's Natural CXL with a Brogue Captoe on the 2030 in 7.5D due the 2nd week of September? I have 6 5 GMTO's and my wife is going to kill me - if he she finds out. It s a good deal with the exchange rate ~$630 USD.
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