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Cool. Thought I would ask here before I emailing him.
You seem pretty familiar with the boots. Do you know what leather the boots are made from?
Went to the Viberg Sample Sale on a whim and a dream today. My size was pretty picked over and really wasn't much in my size, but I was able to find a pretty unique pair of service boots in a different section. Not sure what type of leather was used but definitely a keeper -- look at the side zippers. Great meeting the people I did today and for lovely the rain at 10:45am -- wouldn't have been a sample sale without inclement weather. And, a big thank you to the...
I purchased these from Alden of Madison in 2015, when they offered Whiskey Shell Wing Tip boots. The boots are amazing -- especially, the antique edging. Only worn 5-6 times because of sizing issues. They are on the barrie last and come in at an 8D (fits TTS). The commando sole is great for city walking or a casual weekend boot -- depends on your taste. Summary: Make: Alden Model: Wingtip Boot Last: Barrie Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Outsole: Commando Condition:...
Correct, they are from LS and the date is correct. Might be interested, however, I need to unload these beauties: don't want t lose my deposit.
Question for anyone that has / have any size 7.5d aldens' and would like to trade for 8.5d or anyone that is an 8.5d. I ordered a pair of color #8 Pitt Boots a few years ago and, to my surprise, they arrived, however, I need a size 7.5d. They are brand new, haven't taken receipt of, price is $775. If anyone has ravello or whiskey in 7.5d or would like to take them for me please let me know ASAP!! Exchanged
This is an awesome way to lace the scout's- I am going to try this later.
WelcomeCan you let us know the price point - this looks great.
I am surprised as well. IMHO, the Christy sole is much easier on my knees and hip flexors than the Dainite sole, at least as is relates to Viberg boots.
All this talk of preorders from Notre and Lost & Found... Thought someone might enjoy the picture, and I wanted to try out a new LED light I picked up for my camera. 3 days a week wear for 2 years - love the patina around the top. Currently, working on the waxed flesh service boot, but a new pair of tan horse derbies are on their way to my home. And I have a pair of boots at the office. Damn, it would be funny if my wife read this - she would so kill me. The melodic,...
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