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When you gotta go to a ball
Welcome to the forum Shoelover! Good first start, I really like the suit colour, and the fit isn`t bad for off the rack. I would shorten the sleeves as well as the trousers, and maybe have them slimmed a bit, (not enough to make you top heavy). The shoes are gorgeous though, Great combo with the tie and shirt! (Maybe a white pocket square but not everyone is into that). We have similar colouring so I would maybe suggest a blue shirt instead to be less stark on your skin...
Working in banking myself, I would say the red on the right as long as there isn't too much of a sheen. Its the most pleasing.
The BD collar in action.
It's the Classic Blue Oxford, great thick proper OCBD material! First wearing tomorrow.
Luxire makes one badass OCBD! Blue oxford, broke and bespoke collar.
Does anyone know when the sale ends?
I get what you mean, it was an experiment from 2 years ago, trust me any new shirts are 90% solid blue, white or light pink! Also understand re women in contrast
Tie too wet? I know not much love for contrast collars.
Congrats to the happy couple crusty!!!!
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