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Does anyone know when the sale ends?
I get what you mean, it was an experiment from 2 years ago, trust me any new shirts are 90% solid blue, white or light pink! Also understand re women in contrast
Tie too wet? I know not much love for contrast collars.
Congrats to the happy couple crusty!!!!
@YRR92 Hmmm I see what you mean, but I find the that the DB shows less shirt, so I assumed it to be less loud? I have a tie in the vein of what you're describing and ill try it next but it's black and white, I thought the navy would have gone better (but agree 100% bout the white square!). Also the adelaides are Tricker's Belgrave, soft chisel toe, not as round as they look (most likely lens prob, next to my AE's theyre sleek as hell but that doesnt mean much) I have the...
lengthen sleeves or not? excuse the bad lighting!
Can you measure the length and width of the sole? Thanks!
The required mens restroom shot
I know what you mean, my older stuff is still great but the styling and cut etc. make me look bigger een though I've lost 50 lbs and had everything taken in. Congrats on the hard work, and ya awesome angle/fit.
Holy crap the cut on the jacket made you look 20 lbs slimmer, the strong shoulder and peaks really suit you!
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