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Just a tip, might be a good idea to see photos of the actual shoes you are selling. Re-posting photos from Mr Porter doesn't really help IMHO. GLWS
Interested, any pictures of the trousers? Is it belt loop or side adjusters? Also is this a Base B/D (I can't see if it's lined or not)
Just wondering , the paper tag says a different size to the inside tag of the jacket. Might be the wrong photo... GLWS
I Skyfall suit has:- a single vent- 3 buttons on the cuff.- narrower lapel- the cut is O'ConnorI think Skyfall's block is based on this but a bit shorter on the body as this was based semi on the Windsor - the lepal has similar width to the notched lapel WindsorI have this same suit in the same cut in a Base D (B and D is the same at that era except D is unlined)Potential buyer be a little careful on sizing, as I have to size up to 50R but I am a perfect fit in a 48R on a...
So the are cuffs are not finished? It looks like there are no button holes Also I think it should have five buttons, do you have any spare buttons to make it 5 on each side pls?
Guys just beware Base B is quite slim (very narrow on the shoulders). For example a 38/48R Base A would fit me perfectly (no alterations) but for B or D I need to size up and require adjustments (quite a bit) Beautiful suit and good luck with the sale!
Adding more photos and more importantly the size may help
http://www.ajb007.co.uk/topic/46463/spectre-mr-white-jacket/page/5/ Thread #111 Is a Dior Homme, it has the signature darts at back. I can't say I pay much attention to DH after KVA took over.. as I collect DH from Hedi Slimane's era..
Sorry got the wrong link
Thanks for your quick reply, may I ask how old is this suit? The reason I'm asking is, it seems this suit is atleast 6-7 yrs old. The bezel of the sleeves buttons are much more thinner and flatter compared to the later ones. The Windsor back then tend to be more skinnier cut on the shoulders and armhole compared to now; I fit the current 48R base A with no arts required but the earlier collection I have it in a 52R! So this suit might actually fit me.
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