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Best if you take a photo of the fabric code of your jacket on this thread. Grey might be a bit generic unless you don't mind if it doesn't match with your jacket.
Hi all, Apologies to mods if this is inappropriate as I can't find the rules here - so please kindly delete if that's the case. For most of last year I have been working on a personal project. Being a watch collector I really enjoy viewing watch photos. I have created a website called ARTTEM ( is an annual "Online photographic competition" where users submit and ALSO VOTES for the submitted photos - we don't have a selected panel of judges. The catch...
Does this run big? I am usually a 38/48R windsor/base A
That will be great! As it seems quite visible with the pull or hole.Also can't tell the colour, it looks medium grey but I think is the flash of which is more dark charcoal (as per your title)
Interested, is there a hole on the left collar or is a piece of black fluff?
Just a tip, might be a good idea to see photos of the actual shoes you are selling. Re-posting photos from Mr Porter doesn't really help IMHO. GLWS
Interested, any pictures of the trousers? Is it belt loop or side adjusters? Also is this a Base B/D (I can't see if it's lined or not)
Just wondering , the paper tag says a different size to the inside tag of the jacket. Might be the wrong photo... GLWS
I Skyfall suit has:- a single vent- 3 buttons on the cuff.- narrower lapel- the cut is O'ConnorI think Skyfall's block is based on this but a bit shorter on the body as this was based semi on the Windsor - the lepal has similar width to the notched lapel WindsorI have this same suit in the same cut in a Base D (B and D is the same at that era except D is unlined)Potential buyer be a little careful on sizing, as I have to size up to 50R but I am a perfect fit in a 48R on a...
So the are cuffs are not finished? It looks like there are no button holes Also I think it should have five buttons, do you have any spare buttons to make it 5 on each side pls?
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