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thanks JM. unfortunately mont blanc dont suggest anyone, I will just go to the Strand and see what's on offer. Sydney is great. appreciate the advice
gents, long time no talk. can someone recommend a silversmith in Sydney? i want to fix my father's bangle and give it a polish but not be held to randsom by the brand when they send it overseas. it just needs a polish and to be pushed back into shape. the clasp isn't lining up properly.
there are two Thom Browne suits (sz 4 - grey with white chalkstripe and sz5 - navy with white chalkstripe) for 550 at harrolds sale.
right.what is the sizing of meermin like e.g narrow, small? or is it pretty much TTS?
find a friend and go to jamie's italian and order the steak for 2 for $60 - comes with greens and chips. the duck ragu pasta is average so don't opt for that if you don't want a piece of meat.
have used maher at wynyard and found him very good. seen plenty of RLBL/Caruso/Zegna suits in there too.
for those on the clothing side, how easy is it to convert a ticket to patch pocket?
they look to be Oliver Peoples' Rileyalso, tried the sweet moon cafe - lovely work your friend/family has done. delicious.
does anybody know where i can buy knitted polo's that are reasonably priced i.e. not Gucci's $640 price tag? Also, who has the brother/cousin/friend that recently opened a coffee shop in Syd and where is it again? Cheers
To the smaller sized gents i am relocating permanently from sunny vegas to convict sydney and i'm clearing a heap of clothes - primarily casual. I am a size 30-32 and was a S-M so if this suits you feel free to PM me and i'll email you photos. I'm speaking with another member at the moment and have been incredibly slack (sorry) so he gets priority. Brands include: for shirts/tees: Ralph Lauren, Tommy H, Lacoste, Mjolk Denim/Chino: Nudie, Dr Denim, Marcs, Ksubi, Ralph,...
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