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Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto Sales tax is the same for everyone in NYC regardless of where you reside. We're not talking VAT. ???? Has NYC/NY State changed the law? There's no sales tax if you don't live in NY state and have the retailer ship to your home address-- the equivalent of mail order. Exception may be a retailer that also has a store in your home state.
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a Go to Rolex store I think the Rolex boutique is part of Tourneau with some marketing affiliation with Rolex. It wasn't yet opened the last time I walked by, but it may be now. Quote: Originally Posted by usctrojans31 Take the train over to Jersey. The sales tax difference should be enormous. Sales Tax shouldn't be a problem unless you live in NY or have some reason you don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Very cool. But why do all you guys order so many white shirts? Out of my 35-40 shirts, I have just one white shirt. Always have a few cleaned and pressed for unexpected formal occasions. White matches everything, so I keep a few in the office just in case I need to change. Also easy to travel with; don't need a different tie for every shirt. Add a few more in seasonal weights and fabrics. Even...
Broken bones need to be properly set and allowed to heal without stress; not really possible if you just put on a shoe and start walking. If you ignore it, it may never heal correctly. More likely, your toe isn't broken, it just hurts. Doesn't the UK health system pay for x-rays/treatment for this kind of thing?
I've been dealing with a mild case for the last 6-8 months. Not the worst thing; I just avoid stress in specific directions.
If you don't have access to roads with minimal traffic, consider off-road instead; it's less boring and more challenging. At a minimum, get a hybrid bike. Don't reject swimming because you don't have a 6-pack; the people you're likely to be swimming with won't notice or care.
Do all BB shirts have the box pleat? Seems wrong for a slim fit shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by synergy In the near future I will be ordering my first bespoke suit, and at the moment one of my main questions is about the fabric. I know I want 100% worsted wool and I will be going with a solid navy color. but before I meet with a tailor, id like to know exactly what type of wool I should use. Ive seen allot of talk on this forum about super 110 or super 150, and im going to take a guess and say it has something to do with...
Don't see anything special about the situation as stated. If you have a physically demanding job, the answer would be different that if you sit at a desk all day. The generic question is what should someone eat for breakfast and lunch. Don't over-estimate the need for high-energy foods which tend to be calorie dense.
Even if you don't like it, this is hardly terrible. Boots aren't always a style choice; they're functional when there's snow and you walk to work. Mike Cohen is tall and lean; the angle on this picture is way off, although it does look like he's put on some weight.
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