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Seems like a weak case; We're the 99, and the ruffians are not part of our movement. Only leaves the 1's as potential suspects.
You probably are missing something, but you need the actual financials to know for sure. I would assume some portion- if not the majority- of the cost was covered by green energy grants, and assuming the work was done by local labor with some local materials, more of the cost will come back to the city in the form of business taxes. Finance the remainder at near 0% interest rates, and $250K in annualized savings could easily result in net income.
Not too much to think about or debate from a banks perspective; assuming the new fees don't amount to significantly more than the losses from swipe fees, it shouldn't be news at all. I'm more interested in seeing if retailers hold up their end of the bargain- lower swipe fees returned to customers in the form of lower prices. It won't be possible to verify the claim one way or the other, but they lobbied for this legislation and should be scrutinized at least as much as...
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto Sales tax is the same for everyone in NYC regardless of where you reside. We're not talking VAT. ???? Has NYC/NY State changed the law? There's no sales tax if you don't live in NY state and have the retailer ship to your home address-- the equivalent of mail order. Exception may be a retailer that also has a store in your home state.
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a Go to Rolex store I think the Rolex boutique is part of Tourneau with some marketing affiliation with Rolex. It wasn't yet opened the last time I walked by, but it may be now. Quote: Originally Posted by usctrojans31 Take the train over to Jersey. The sales tax difference should be enormous. Sales Tax shouldn't be a problem unless you live in NY or have some reason you don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Very cool. But why do all you guys order so many white shirts? Out of my 35-40 shirts, I have just one white shirt. Always have a few cleaned and pressed for unexpected formal occasions. White matches everything, so I keep a few in the office just in case I need to change. Also easy to travel with; don't need a different tie for every shirt. Add a few more in seasonal weights and fabrics. Even...
Depends onthe situation, location, and types of assets; also changes with tax laws, so what's a good answer today may be irrelevant if not completly wrong in a few years.
Broken bones need to be properly set and allowed to heal without stress; not really possible if you just put on a shoe and start walking. If you ignore it, it may never heal correctly. More likely, your toe isn't broken, it just hurts. Doesn't the UK health system pay for x-rays/treatment for this kind of thing?
I've been dealing with a mild case for the last 6-8 months. Not the worst thing; I just avoid stress in specific directions.
If you don't have access to roads with minimal traffic, consider off-road instead; it's less boring and more challenging. At a minimum, get a hybrid bike. Don't reject swimming because you don't have a 6-pack; the people you're likely to be swimming with won't notice or care.
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