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Fit looks good! That's very much how the sleeves on my regular Monitor fit on my arms, and they don't feel problematic in any way.
I've never tried the Node, but I went TTS with the regular (non-down) Monitor and it fits great. It's slim but I can fit a Mionn underneath for warmth.
Rogue Territory site was moving slower than snail pace. I might have managed to check out correctly...received email from PayPal but not RGT
Also curious about this - particularly looking for Facet gloves
^thanks for ample info! I'll check it out!
Any recommendations for fashion-centric technical outerwear for women, other than select arc'teryx jackets?
Is that not from FW15? I picked up a field jacket in Neptune last FW season.
Gravity Pope just recently added the dolphin print ghurka shorts to their sale at $195 CDN. Picked up the medium, but I think they have small and large left.
I got my size medium twill ghurka shorts today and the fit is good for me as a true 32" waist. They fit without being too snug, and the length and details are great! Definitely stoked on the drawstring feature.
Has anyone tried the ghurka shorts labeled s/m/l this season? I typically take a 32 in EG pants and just ordered a medium in the twill ghurkas. Was thinking this made sense until the above posts about shorts (fatigues at least) fitting big.
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