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It's a sad day, but the time has finally come for me to part with my beloved Wings + Horns utility coat. This coat was made in Canada using a robust, thick herringbone wool and buttery leather accents. I've taken very good care of this garment, and there are no flaws to speak of. Get in touch with any questions.
Received a Mionn IS jacket and Neptune Field jacket today. Went medium with the Mionn and small with the Field and am happy with the fits. I'm particularly stoked on the Mionn - it's really understated and super functional as both an insulator and a stand alone piece.
I have a pair of navy whipcord USN pants (size 32) that I've barely worn. These need to go to someone who will really appreciate them. [[SPOILER]] Here are the measurements:Waist: 16"Front rise: 12"Rease rise: 15"Inseam: 27.5"Open to a trade (medium tops, size 32 bottoms), but cash offers would be preferable.Get in touch with any questions.
Selling 3 very lightly worn sweaters. Get in touch with any questions. $110 - Wings + Horns Cashmere Cardigan - Medium Super soft, comfortable cashmere with military details, including underarm gussets. Fits slim. $100 - Our Legacy Wool Cardigan - Small (fits big) Small Our Legacy cardigan in olive wool with multicolour flecks. Worn very rarely and stored folded up in non-smoking home. Fits generously for size. SOLD: $100 - Our Legacy Boiled Wool Crewneck -...
Selling 4 very lightly worn pairs of pants. Prices include shipping and fees. Get in touch with any questions. $130.00 - Engineered Garments Navy Whipcord USN Pants (Size 32) Very lightly worn (like fewer than 10 times), exceptionally cool pants by Engineered Garments. Waist: 16" Front rise: 12" Rear rise: 15" Inseam: 27.5" SOLD: $100.00 - Wings + Horns Black Jacquard Camo Bush Pants (Size 31) Very lightly worn W+H Bush Pants. Some would say these are the sickest...
I'm parting with these 4 pairs of gently worn pants. Individual measurements are below. Feel free to contact me with any questions. $150.00 - Engineered Garments Cotton Whipcord USN Pants, Size 32 Waist: 16" Front Rise: 12" Rear Rise: 15" Inseam: 27.5" $150.00 - Wings + Horns Black Camo Jacquard Bush Pants, Size 31 Waist: 16 3/4 " Front Rise: 11" Rear Rise: 15" Inseam: 32" $130.00 - Wings + Horns Black German Corded Cloth Pants, Size 30 Waist: 16 1/4" Front Rise:...
How do folks recommend sizing flyknit roshes? I wear a 10.5 in flyknit lunar 1's.
I really like the clean look of the CPO on End. Does anyone happen to know fabrics it was done in this season?
Does anyone know of any North American stockists carrying Rough and Tumble?
I saw one of the men from the Mindy Project wearing a desert wash supply jacket on the most recent episode. I was watching it with my Wife and she was all like, "Hey, don't you own that jacket?!", and I was like "Oh yeah!". Great job, Mindy Project!
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