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Leffot too, no?
Will you be running any fun and exciting additional discounts in lieu of American independence?
Agreed! Picked up a camera bag at $200 below retail!
^The jacket looks smart!
My partner and I are having a casual lakeside wedding at her family's lake house in August, and I have all the details of my outfit worked out except for the pocket square. Any thoughts on matching the pocket square to the tie? The Hill-Side makes a pocket square with the same fabric. Here are the components of the outfit to give a better sense of what I'm going for: Suit: Shirt: Tie: Shoes: Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
I love the look of the hats, but I've never seen one in the wild to be able to try them on. How do they fit? I have quite a shallow head, so typical 6 panel caps often fit awkwardly on me.
^Thanks! As long as it leaves by Friday, I should be in the clear.
Placed my first ever order with the RL ecommerce site last night. Do they usually ship standard group orders off pretty quickly once they're received? I ask because I live in Canada and had the order sent to my partner's great aunt in WA, whom my mother in law is going to be visiting late next week. I'm hoping it'll arrive by then so she can bring it back with her.
^What's worse is their clothing store in Vancouver. Racks are just jam packed with a mishmash of brands and styles in the most disorganized manner. The presentation is awful, and it's not uncommon to find $600+ knits stretching out on cheap hangers, with noticeable signs of damage.
Does anyone have any educated guesses around when remaining current season items will be added to the existing sale?
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