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It looks like a good fit in the shoulders, chest, and length. I know you mentioned that sleeves are always too long, and they could probably be shortened (or rolled). Looks like the correct size!
The new designer's first name is Tung, although I don't know his last. He designed for Arc'Teryx.
W+H do have a new designer whose work has been transitioning into the collections, beginning with FW14 (I believe). The last designer definitely ended up creating more misses than hits, and from what I understand, his technical design and tailoring skills were actually quite poor. Their new designer is very skilled, and his style is far more classically masculine. For those who saw the SS15 look book, their looks are definitely moving in the right direction. W+H was a...
After hearing from Nepenthes that it's a more limited option than the moleskins or the brown homespun, I pulled the trigger on a medium myself.What size did you end up going with, and what are your measurements like?
Many thanks Eric! I've emailed Corniche and followed up with Ushowu, so hopefully we get some responses. Glad it worked out for your wife! It's a beautiful jacket!
Does anyone have access to measurements for the women's cameraman jackets from last FW? I've emailed ushowu twice with no reply. Has anyone picked up a size 8 or 10 for a female partner, and can you comment on the sizing?
I sat on it overnight and decided to exchange them for the 32. I think that'll be a better fit overall. Will post pics when they arrive.
I received the olive poplin Highland Pants from Independence today. I wasn't totally sure how to size, as the only other EG pants I own are the USN pants in size 32. When I got them I was a bit less lean, and I find that a few of the pants I picked up around that time by other brands (such as Wings + Horns) now fit too big. I'm about 5'11", 160 lbs, and decided to go with the size 30.As I expected, they definitely fit snug all through the leg. They're a bit roomier in...
I think that the difficulty one might experience incorporating either jacket into a wardrobe totally depends on the wardrobe. I personally think that for some the black would actually be easier to pair with other non-EG pieces, such as with olive chinos, a grey or charcoal shirt, and black boots or oxfords. Either should be pretty versatile. Does anyone have experience handling this herringbone Bedford, and can you comment on sizing relative to other fabrics/past seasons?
Will there be miner shirts this season?
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