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Thanks for sharing and for bumping the thread! Moto continues to be my most footwear brand for their beautiful leathers and excellent craftsmanship. Does anyone happen to have a list of online stockists? There are a couple of models that I'm looking for but are sold out in my size at the few sources I know of.
Two questions: 1. Will you be receiving any more deliveries from Thom Browne this season? 2. Will you be receiving anything from Ovadia and Sons? If so, when?
^thanks so much for the detailed response! I was actually able to try one on in Neighbour 2 weekends ago and wasn't all that crazy about the fit or fabric. The colours are beautiful, but I can definitely see it not holding it's shape well after some washes.
Does anyone own the Jake or Lee tees? Care to comment or review? How's the fit and quality?
Really loving the look of the 10oz denim mallory! [[SPOILER]]
I have a pair of cordovan oxfords by the Japanese brand MOTO Leather and Silver. The shell used for these shoes is hand dyed by the artisans who make them, so they have a much different finish than typical cordovan footwear. Unlike their glossy and consistent counterparts, these shoes have a matte finish with undertones of brown that show through in various spots. Because I'm not concerned with creating a mirror gloss with these shoes, would Renovateur be the only...
I appreciate the responses. Changing the buttons is definitely a viable option, which I think I will do. I'll see how the black shoes look after replacing the white buttons with black.
I'm getting married this coming August and am trying to find some amazing shoes to go with my suit. It's going to be a very casual outdoor wedding on my in-laws' property on Vancouver Island. Because we're planning for heat and a laid back vibe, I purchased an indigo seersucker suit by Ovadia and Sons last SS: [[SPOILER]] The suit was only available at one retailer (Ikkon), and when it arrived I was surprised to find that the buttons weren't black as depicted, but white....
^thanks Gary! I wasn't able to call but I shot him an email.
Any chance anyone's spotted any navy uniform serge Bedfords left in size medium anywhere?
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