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How do folks recommend sizing flyknit roshes? I wear a 10.5 in flyknit lunar 1's.
I really like the clean look of the CPO on End. Does anyone happen to know fabrics it was done in this season?
Does anyone know of any North American stockists carrying Rough and Tumble?
I saw one of the men from the Mindy Project wearing a desert wash supply jacket on the most recent episode. I was watching it with my Wife and she was all like, "Hey, don't you own that jacket?!", and I was like "Oh yeah!". Great job, Mindy Project!
^I think they look good!
I'd recommend a size 3. I wear a US 10, and the 3 fits spot on for me in the cordovan plain toe oxford.
^Inventory and Haven
I tried on the olive ripstop Bedford and I'd say that they do fit similarly. This one may be slightly roomier, but it's also a much more substantial fabric - which will account for at least some of the variance in measurements between the two.
I received the size 32 Highland pant and medium 13 oz herringbone Bedford from Independence today. I'm really glad I sized up to the 32 in the Highland. The Bedford fits similar to my SS13 cotton pique one.Here are some pics to compare the fit of the size 30 vs 32. For reference, I'm 5'10"-11", 160 LBSSize 30: [[SPOILER]] Size 32 [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Has anyone picked up the E1 pant in navy uniform serge? I'd love to see a fit pic or two!
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