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Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM Looking for 4.5 yards of flannel or winter weight wool/cashmere for a bespoke suit. I'll look at anything because I don't feel like listening everything I want and don't want huge huge selection at Mood fabrics 37th street NYC
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving He wanted travel. J2000 is a machine. ESteam once got a decent blog review. Can't find the blog I have never used Esteam, but it is made by jiffy
Another note - you must use distilled water in jiffy steamers and rinse them out once in a while. Still - we steamed wedding gowns all day 6 days a week and no problems for 3 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy jiffy j2000 gets good reviews on amazon Jiffy J-2000 and J-4000 both produce the same quality/amount of steam. where I worked previously, we had both. We preferred the J-2000 because it is very quick to heat up. The J-4000 which I have for my home business takes about 10 - 20 minutes to preheat. J-2000 takes about 2 - 3 minutes (plus it's cheaper model)
I currently have a group of shirts from lands end and brooks brothers in my shop for tapering - The side seams on all of the shirts are "glued" or "fused" with tape. they are impossible to take apart and re-create a beautiful flat felled seam. They will have an area just above the arm seam where the alteration will not flow together well.
Quote: Originally Posted by sirseitz the problem is the bottom buttonhole. you can't move it. and, if you shortened the coat more that just a little bit, the balance would appear off. ****Buttonholes*****
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Mystery What if it was shortened and the bottom buttons where put to the top??? Maybe splayed slightly apart like a lot of DB SB's are configured, I guess more around the nipple areas, mid breast pocket. Here is an idea of what i mean.. the problem is the bottom buttonhole. you can't move it. and, if you shortened the coat more that just a little...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Mystery I just bought this coat and I really like the epaulets, they lie flat and don't ruin the shoulder line. This coat has very very high arm holes and doesn't even need any slimming, fit me perfect off the rack with a medium thick sweater. I forgot how good quality and value Zara can be, the fabric has a very soft touch. The tailor might have to open the sleeve to shoulder line to take it out, the epaulets sorta...
Quote: Originally Posted by Yet123 Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase this coat, but I don't really like the look of the epaulets. I can't find another double breasted camel-colored coat in the price range, either =/ Does it look like a tailor would be able to remove these epaulets without damaging the coat? Very easy to do! However my concern would be if the fabric under the epaulets...
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