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just grabbed another pair of usn pants. look like khaki whipcord, but won't be sure until they arrive. considering the first pair i have is my favorite pair of pants, i'm amped.
"their first product will be available in the next few weeks" "super high quality" tell me more about your ability to predict the future.
also interested in long sleeve patchworks, plaids, floral, or paisley shirts in size xs. willing to pay $80 for 1-2 shirts.
quite literally the only similarity is that they are both wool blazers.
Our Legacy suede jacket. Wish it were a 44 :/ http://www.ebay.com/itm/OUR-LEGACY-UNCONSTRUCTED-SUEDE-JACKET-46-SIZE-ami-apc-supreme-acne-carven-/161497380514?ssPageName=ADME:B:WNA:US:3160
what does this have to do with engineered garments?
surprised you had a positive experience with them. when i ordered earlier this year they took forever to ship and sent me a different size because they said they thought it would fit me better (they emailed me, asking if I was sure i wanted sz28...I said yes and told them my height/weight/etc, they sent me the 29...)
i want those pants so bad.
don't burn them, donate.
YOOXROULETTE wwm arte bbbf
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