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i would go to a sf/sufu halloween party where we all dress as other users...
ebay/paypal has insane buyer protection. if you don't mind being out $80 for a week or so if you have to go through a dispute/return, then might as well try.
ugh friggin halloween. does this mean i'm going to have to "go out" and "do things?" i hate people. i feel like gettoasty
agvs, jacket is great.
someone who is a m/30 NEEDS to get this polka dot suit: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/loop-online/item/mc13675/
the boots look much nicer, imo.
i really need to stop browsing ebay when i'm trying not to buy stuff...but i really wanted these gitman x liberty shirts when they came out and the deal i got was pretty insane sooooo
what's the pin on your lapel?x post from WAYWT. khaki bedford (old, unsure of season) and patchwork indigo scarf from ss14.
call me crazy but I think that SS is simply too big.
i almost look tall when standing next to my mom. trying to grow my hair back out and currently in the awkward in between stage. THE WORST. eg x2, woolovers, n&fxbj, f+b
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