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Received my indigo patchwork chambray scarf from portland dry goods today. thing is awesome! way better in person, much larger than I expected. i still think spring scarves are a little silly, but i can't wait to rock this with my penn shirt jacket and khaki bedford all friggin spring long. packaging and service from PDG was awesome as well, would buy from them again for sure.
so good until you get to the cuffs/shoes [[SPOILER]] [/quote]so good until you get to the cuffs/shoes needs a different color shirt or something. jacket looks super out of place.
^judging by your RP you have the most expensive Gap wardrobe ever.
ready for summer
made some phresh 501 cut offs. just need to cop some more floral t-shirts and some birkenstock jesus sandals and i'll be so ready for spring summer. random surgery thoughts
yeah they're super helpful. pretty prompt response via email as well and they'll tell you the other stockist if they're out of stock.
has anyone seen the bird/trees shorts in sz28 anywhere? smallest i've seen is 30, even at japanese shops. and what's the going rate on graphic Ts? $70ish?
are you people really too ashamed to admit you're interested in fashion? i don't fucking get it.
tech running shoes with a blazer just seem wildly incongruous. derbies/side zips woulda been cool imo.
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