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thanks! unfortunately i'm not that into that color way, more interested in the brown wool. but at least i know they made them up in xs.
does anyone know if they made the smocks this season in xs?
didn't you just post in the slp thread that you wanted to sell all your eg to buy slp?
that's like the point
thanks for kickstarting this gary! when will we get to see your selections?
half the brands you listed as "minimalist" aren't even close to minimalist. i hate the over use of the word aesthetic.
because north korea doesn't care about a bunch of fashion nerds in the us
missing the crazy shirting patterns from ss15. the green/blue plaid baker is great though.
can you fit those zip wallets in the back pockets of jeans? i've been using the same bifold for years but need a new wallet at some point so I've been debating a zip v. another bifold.
wish they stocked xs :/
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