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thanks! personally i would have preferred leather derbies as opposed to the suede, but it's all good!
same ish diff day
a little too big for me, but an insanely cheap schott sueded jacket: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/577214000736/
nah they look awesome hemmed. nn fighting the straight leg pant good fight.
nothing wrong with either
people really need to stop looking at jackets that are a classic silhouette and saying "looks like toj" as if toj invented the ma-1
really just trying to spend about $100 right now. i know levi's fit well on me so spending more on a basic denim jacket is just kind of meh.
it's like $100+shipping, i just don't know if the price is clouding my judgement
interesting points, i guess i'll skip it and keep looking. and lol @ the vis suggestion. would love a vis but this is like 1/4 the cost. can't really ball out atm. i did consider just getting a levi's, but they're surprisingly hard to find in my size (slim fit s or regular fit xs) in a decent wash or rigid.
maybe i can will it to be spring by buying t-shirts with flowers on them.
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