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@nicelynice that overcoat is delicious
stopped in at drinkwaters today to say hi to gary and pre order a bedford. also picked up a pocket tee with the floral printing on the upper half (size up on these!). the loiter jacket has a really nice texture to it and this season's chambray shirt is top notch. very coarse, stiff fabric that should break in beautifully. looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection. seems as though there's a lot of gems which weren't highlighted in the look book.
c4est is that 5 zip suede? looks real nice.
the leather bomber from this season looks incredible https://www.instagram.com/p/BAbCvLKrkhU/
whoa can we get a closeup of that paisley print? do any other shirts come in it?
only own one piece from them, but especially because of the project they did with styleforum, I'm going to go with monitaly.
anyone want a khaki cotton ss bedford? tagged ss but fits larger than current season bedfords. unsure what season, got it from rakuten. can get pictures/measurements if there's interest. some small stains here and there. would let it go cheap ($100?) as I don't ever wear it.
care-tags has something similar and it works pretty well: http://care-tags.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=186&view=unread#unreadif nothing else it's interesting to see what people's grails are.
looks objectively terrible
from what we've seen thus far it's "good," but doesn't seem exceptional. haven't seen any crazy drool worthy fabrics/patterns. the whale pattern is a little gimmicky, imo.
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