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has anyone ever put together a consolidate list of stockists who stock xs sizes?
mine fit relatively slim, especially in the top block. maybe it's an issue with size? mine are a 28 so maybe larger sizes scale differently? or maybe i'm just clueless.
I have no experience with the fatigues, so I can't help. they're a slim straight leg I'd say...similar to the cinch back.
bought a gitmanxlibertyxunion made shirt off ebay. paid $45. dude left the tag on: retailed for $245. i'm sure he got it on sale, but i almost feel bad.
que pasa sale unsurprisingly overrated
whipord usn pants. probably one of my favorites.
x post from waywt
oh shit.
nah i just haven't posted a mirror fit from the 'ville yet.
i've been a fan of that vest since it originally came out. never seen any fit pics with it and i wish it came in a grey color (i seem to be really into gray lately). also, $150 for uniqlo is veering into "meh" category.that being said, i suddenly want one of those olive nyco eg vests.
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