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care-tags has something similar and it works pretty well: http://care-tags.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=186&view=unread#unreadif nothing else it's interesting to see what people's grails are.
looks objectively terrible
from what we've seen thus far it's "good," but doesn't seem exceptional. haven't seen any crazy drool worthy fabrics/patterns. the whale pattern is a little gimmicky, imo.
you get the 32gb or the 64gb version?
there are lots of leather bag makers on etsy. no idea on quality, but the price is usually decent. https://www.etsy.com/search/handmade/bags-and-purses/luggage-and-travel?q=leather+weekender+bag&order=most_relevant&ref=esearch_group0
couldn't you do this with wordpress?
i'm convinced cyc is the SLP boutique version of these two: http://now8news.com/homeless-couple-found-living-in-walmart-attic/
has anyone picked up one of the zip shawl collared shirts? kind of want one.
thanks @Sieglinde @Drinkwaters @CSCoHammers7 can i...uh...call dibs on the xs olive bedford?
first ss16 drops up on the OL site.
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