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just buy a moka pot if you want to do "espresso" on the cheap.
that zip cardigan was on sale at jc penny a few weeks back i think.
there's a size small olive penn on rakuten for sub $150. cop!
OL suede side zips for $125. i don't have a ton of spare money right now and can't justify another pair of suede side zips, but these are awesome http://www.grailed.com/listings/9377-our-legacy-snuff-suede-chelsea-boot-us8
would love when sorority girls in the omlet line at the dining hall would order egg white omelets w/ cheese and sausage
extra points for jorts because...jorts.
popped collar looks forced, but otherwise looks nice!
sweat shorts from target...best $12 i've ever spent.
size down on jeans
in other words...
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