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i'm sorry you guys got ripped off but talking about "hate fucking" a girl who looks like drew is downright vulgar.
i don't mind warby at all but they're just kind of decent from a build quality standpoint, imo. they're relatively cheap though and given how tastes change it's not an awful thing to get a new pair every 1-2 years or so.
i think @flowcharts has the same one in a different color
thanks! in the market for new frames and looking for something similar (and nicer than warby)
what are the glasses?
i know this was posted earlier in the thread, but I cannot get over the fabric on this tie.
I have the jacket @Brattman is selling it's a wonderful wonderful mid layer for winter. someone buy it.
i would just contact nepenthes, i've heard they're really good with issues like this.
don't buy that
second ss16 drop. personally not sure about the pink theme but i'm sure someone will make it look good. really like these two shirts:
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