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can't believe i missed out on this one.
Best of the best-EG Hartford jacket - bought this one on a whim recently and love it. The wool flannel fabric is great and the stitching details make it more interesting than just another blazer. Cut is very slim and cropped, which I absolutely love. Replaced my blackwatch EG with this and am very happy I did as it fits better and fits my wardrobe better IMO. [[SPOILER]] -EG Derby jacket - not sure if I bought this last year or this year, but I'm still in love. Wool cuffs,...
bumping this for relevance.
got another message this morning"please don't sell it before I pay you!!!!"sure thing boss.
smdh @ people making offers on items and not actually having the money to buy it yet. "i'll get the check in my account this weekend"
loftman got some ties too. if this pattern makes it onto a shirt daiki will have my attention...
ugh...the more i look at this season the more I realize i'm just not feeling the whole safari vibe. hopefully the individual pieces do it for me though.
levi's x pendelton. half tempted to cop myself. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kanful/item/nmaaj2326532/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en
but you guys i haven't even copped everything i want for fw this season, no way i'm ready to start copping ss!
copped tickets to of montreal in march and neutral milk hotel in april, going to be a good spring for shows!
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