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it's pretty short and has a kind of boxy fit. they'll send you measurements if you ask. i like it, but i don't think the fit is for everyone.
thanks for the info, i'll probably go with the workaday, a bit more in line with what i'm looking (just an easy, beater spring jacket...basically the wool shawl collar i have in a lighter weight).
long shirt short jacket gang
unis. currently on sale for a lot less than i paid. http://unisnewyork.com/collections/mens-jackets/products/suede-bomber-jacket-rust
excuse my messy room. starting to warm up around here.
^yes, please.
synth is going to make indigo cool on sf again and i couldn't be happier
Do you guys buy xs in EG?
i've been planning on buying some MUSA vintage levi's 501 off ebay for a while but haven't yet. there are plenty on there.
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