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retail therapy is the best therapy. soles look pretty worn on the f+b, but I got them for a steal so it'll be fine if i have to get a new topy added. with that purchase I kind of consider my casual shoe collection "complete," to a certain degree of contentedness.
take away the tie and this actually isn't that bad.
dude i'm really not trying to be a dick to you because i do kind of know you irl but you just don't really "get" this side of the forum. i know you love thrifting and getting cheap clothing, but most people on here don't really care. we're willing to pay more (sometimes, a lot more) for things we really want because we're genuinely interested in our clothing design, geeky details, and where they come from. getting a pair of shoes for $10 at a thrift store don't interested...
everything is derivative. wear cool shit that you like. try to understand the design philosophy behind the shit you're wearing.
just being honest. don't see much of a reason to be anything but.
whether or not it "matters" if you dress poorly is besides the point, you're posting an outfit in a thread on a fashion forum dedicated to critiquing outfits. i was trying to provide some (harsh) constructive criticism.
the people demand better photos of those.
Honestly I just have no idea what you're going for. You're wearing a cheap ill fitting varsity with a tucked in flannel, an obnoxious vineyard vines belt, white pants, and ugly dress shoes. It's a mish mash of colors and aesthetics and not in a good way. And this is coming from the guy who wears red down vests and polka dog shirts (although in hind sight that fit was shit).
needs more clashing elements!
i've always been partial to the peak myself.
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