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@spacepope was in boston and didn't tell anyone...
depends on the shop. rakuten is just a web portal, you're not actually buying from them.
thanks for the info reedo! would love a pair of brown leather side zips from them at some point.
I'm also bummed about selling it but it just doesn't fit into my wardrobe the way I'd hoped.
@reedobandito gorgeous. so gorgeous.
^they have any xs type 3s avaialble?
this is like every japanese web shop...
pm sent, thankspm sent, thanks!
is there anyway to subscribe to newsletter but not get emails when people post in threads?
@Drinkwaters are you guys going to be offering any type of pre-order/special ordering this season? looking to grab an andover in tropical wool if it's being made and as always would love to support you guys!
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