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why would you correlate buying boring, expensive sneakers with having good taste?
mediocre looking sweatshirt from a knock off designer? why?
stop being afraid of washing your god forsaken jeans.
post wash can't wait to get these back from denim therapy!
would prefer shoes instead of NBs but shirt+jeans are really resisting the urge to buy some dad wash jeans.
x post
some shots of my n&f x bj before they go in for a wash/out for repairs. I've had these for 2 years, not sure how much wear they have as I tend to rotate...maybe 6 months worth? anyway, wish they fit me a little better, I love the denim.
toasty if you buy these, promise me you won't have a tailor butcher them and totally change the fit.
ugh, after more than a week week of no communication and no activity with my order from Bears through Rakuten i sent them yet another email just telling them to cancel my order.
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