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i would just contact nepenthes, i've heard they're really good with issues like this.
don't buy that
second ss16 drop. personally not sure about the pink theme but i'm sure someone will make it look good. really like these two shirts:
the SLP thread is just as weird as the JE thread, tbh.
detailsThere are a couple of small stains, which I've done my best to photograph. They might come out in the wash, but I haven't tried.Photos: http://imgur.com/a/QSByeMeasurementsS2S: 17"P2P: 19.25"P2C: 17.75"Back length: 25.5"I'm not sure of the season as I got it second hand but given the throat latch it's definitely from an older season. Besides the small stains it's in good condition. 100% cotton in what appears to be to be a ripstop. Definitely from a SS season.Like I...
will echo the love for the brown homespun. bought one second hand this fall and absolutely love it.
@LA Guy please lock this thread, jfc.
@nickp tbh i used to think some of your fits were pretty contrived but you've been killing it lately.
yeah i'll get at you tonight.
here's hoping we get a shirt in this fabric. i'm still pissed i didn't buy last springs paisley shirt.
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