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hah, thanks man.you could make those dreams come true seriously though, holding off till this tax return comes through and gonna buy an eastman slender fit a2.
those pants are so good
idk, i think sneakers are the only logical choice with a sweater/sweatshirt ish jacket and lounge pants.
i want to get a cheap m65. anything i should look at besides vintage (i understand the fit will be shit...but that's kind of the point)? are the "slim fit" alpha industries ones any good? http://www.alphaindustries.com/mens-field-coats/alpha-industries-slim-fit-m-65-field-coat.htm
depends on the shop. kind will ship directly to the us.
^as if wjk isn't part of my regular rak and yjp searches. have loved that piece since you first posted it
i'd be less hesitant if i had any experience with nn, but i've never even tried on anything from them so am not really sure. color is perfect though, imo. the hunt for a full leather continues. plan right now is to get an eastman a2 once my tax returns come through.
i have doubts about that measurement though, unless all sizes are the same length: http://www.styleforum.net/t/331309/nonnative-cow-leather-short-rider-jacket-3-fits-48-50. also a little hesitant about how light weight the weather is...
more worried about the length tbh. 25" seems long for a rider for someone of my height. it's listed as a "rider short jacket" though by nn...ahhh don't temp me, so gorgeous.
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