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is there even a single good pic of your toj
^worse than i expected. shit like that really makes me hate the "fashion" industry.
yeah, were you at the boston show? what a great show from start to finish. i hadn't ever listened to deer hoof but they were great as well. so glad to have finally see oM live.
i saw yonatan gat the other day and they were absolutely fucking sick. BUT, they were all wearing these rad paisley tunics that reminded a lot of the india paisley print this season. getting a bonus at work i didn't expect so i think i might try to track down one of the round collar shirts in that print.
You say this as a joke but my mom has hundreds of beanie babies she bought because "they'll be worth something someday!" But only if the tag is still on...
why aren't your boots tied
how in the hell is wearing an $800 mtm jacket "apathetic?"
Lol at posting on a website called Styleforum but "not wanting to look like you're into fashion"
don't you wear a lot of indigo denim? for that reason i'd say grey.
all my stuff is gone, but if anyone has an xs olive workaday jacket get at me.
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