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could be wrong but i thought those removable buttons were deadstock? meaning they probably ran out.
from the department of things i don't really need edit: can any EG experts identify which season this is from? seller described it as "birdseye wool"
because no fashion show ever has featured only white models.
those jackets look great. really looking forward to seeing the A2.
i thought that geller apple store interview was really cool. he seems like a super cool guy. i don't own any geller but kind of wish i did...
agreed but i have a feeling it's just the angle. top block looks great though.
i have a suit supply suit i like quite a bit but I know NOTHING about MC.
wait jet is a real person?
not sure i'm a fan of the way those pants fit you.
fantastic, all of them. how do you like those dub monk paraboots? gary at drinkwaters has a pair that i eye every time i'm in there.
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