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shit this is a lie i still need to cop birkenstock jesus sandals.
but you're wrong.
i love when people actually wear their raw denim, shit looks awesome man and yeah, i have a pair of the cheapest n&f made and they've had 2 crotch repairs but otherwise are fine even after 3 years of very regular wear.
vans look so much better than both those slip ons that got posted. some of you guys get so blinded by labels it's hilarious.
i just tend to make really dumb facial expressions when taking selfies.
fwiw washing my stark on cold didn't really shrink it at all. didn't dry it. going to try washing on warm and see what happens.
those are super cool, you should bust those out more often! my other two pairs are suede so I really wanted a leather pair to complete the collection.
these are my third pair of f+b (in just about exactly 1 year...damn): elios, elf, now these, and i've always been solidly happy with the prices i've paid (all well under $200). never had any issues.
they're a little big on me in the waist at this point, but still my go to jeans. coming along nicely, i love the denim. going to have to get a crotch repair sometime this spring at which time i'll wash+take some photos.
i don't get it. is it a sweater fused to a shirt? a collared t shirt? SO CONFUSED.
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