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don't buy that
second ss16 drop. personally not sure about the pink theme but i'm sure someone will make it look good. really like these two shirts:
the SLP thread is just as weird as the JE thread, tbh.
detailsThere are a couple of small stains, which I've done my best to photograph. They might come out in the wash, but I haven't tried.Photos: http://imgur.com/a/QSByeMeasurementsS2S: 17"P2P: 19.25"P2C: 17.75"Back length: 25.5"I'm not sure of the season as I got it second hand but given the throat latch it's definitely from an older season. Besides the small stains it's in good condition. 100% cotton in what appears to be to be a ripstop. Definitely from a SS season.Like I...
will echo the love for the brown homespun. bought one second hand this fall and absolutely love it.
@LA Guy please lock this thread, jfc.
@nickp tbh i used to think some of your fits were pretty contrived but you've been killing it lately.
yeah i'll get at you tonight.
here's hoping we get a shirt in this fabric. i'm still pissed i didn't buy last springs paisley shirt.
@nicelynice that overcoat is delicious
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