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speaking of fabrics, i would do some very questionable things for the andover in that glen plaid posted above.
as if to imply this fw was "off form?"glad to hear it looks good though!
seriously considering one of these with the b3 tan leather. are the tartan linings available like on the junya model? or just solid and floral? pretty sure I would be an xxs, excited for the measurement chart to come out.
Just picked these up and unfortunately the fit doesn't work for me. My loss is your gain. Make me an offer, looking for a quick sale. Waist (with side tabs unbuttoned): 14.5" Upper thigh: 11" Inseam: 29.5" Leg opening: 8.75"
yup. been following her for a while now, great looks and she pulls off some more "out there" looks really really well.
the jacket i was going to get sold out before I pulled the trigger guess the search continues.
pissed i missed out on this (women's) snowflake cardigan on ebay because i got stuck in a meeting. if someone here got it and it doesn't work out, let me know.
thanks! the first post doesn't seem to notate that, but I'll do some digging.
didn't read all the pages, so excuse my ignorance, but is black the only leather offered?
lad musician leather that literally makes me drool. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/570714008530/
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