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seriously? that's where i'm at. lemme know when you're in town!
pretty bummed they didn't bring back the down blazer
guilty as charged.
suit was out of stock in my size in the colors i wanted. did cop some shirts and the denim shirt. i really like the vest but seems pricy for 'qlo and I don't wear vests as much irl as i would in my head.
with really sad and lonely captions.does anyone know the dude in real life?
how long should one wait on a grailed offer before just assuming it's been denied?
if i can make it i will. but i may have some friends from out of town coming in. ill keep y'al posted.
anyone in philly checked out the +j selection? would be willing to pay for a proxy of the flannel suit in xs/29 (28 if they have it but I don't think they do)
i was doing a pretty good job of not really wanting anything from this season (despite the fact that it might be my favorite fw season in recent years) until I took a closer look at the bedford (in brown homespun?) and now I'm seriously lusting after it.
let me know if you figure this out.
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