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considering they both make a range of products, this question makes no sense.
willing to trade the penn shirt jacket in my sig for an xs olive workaday utiility jacket, olive explorer jacket, or an olive ss bedford (would throw some money in for the bedford) i also have a size medium workaday pocket t shirt. willing to trade for a s or xs t shirt or honestly just give it away to someone because i don't wear it as it's too big and I got it for free from kvc06.
anyone have recommendations for oatmeal/natural colored t shirts? looking at velva sheen but can't find them in stock in my size in the us. MUSA is a huge bonus.
$0.99 pepsodent for life.
Fok - just close this thread, for real. nothing productive has come out of it in months. TOJ doesn't owe you this headache.
^thanks for the explanation.
how the FUCK are we still talking about T3C's fits?!
If you don't have at least $500 to spend, it's probably not worth getting a leather.
"very rare model" i also know nothing about julius. i just know they look cool. http://www.g railed.com/listings/62781-julius-lace-up-boots
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