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I know nothing about the brand "west america," but i want this woolrich poncho
gray one looks like paper.
which dude on this podcast is spacepope?
who here has the hartford jacket from fw10? is it basically an andover with extra stitching? i've only ever seen the grey one, but just grabbed one in olive wool off B+S.
i really need to stop shopping online out of boredom.
there are no words to describe how awesome this suit looks. damn.
leprechaun going fishing thanks @ghdvfddzgzdzg
Engineered Garments Baker jacket in a beautiful 100% wool flannel blackwatch fabric. A great jacket, but i've got to admit that it's simply too large for me and doesn't get the wear it deserves. From FW11. Would also consider trades for EG jackets in xs. s2s: 17" p2p: 19" sleeve (from shoulder): 24.25" back length (from bottom of collar): 26.25
good to see you actually wear that toj. seems like a lot of the people who got the raw jackets couldn't handle them. looks good, looks real good.
glad i could facilitate on both fronts. enjoy it, looks gorgeous.
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