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i have na irrational desire for a fairisle knit what's the deal with the jamieson's knits that are everywhere this season? @conceptual_4est?
dude...that jacket fits damn near perfectly.
last i checked some dude started a kickstarter to go to seoul and confront drew, lmfao
hmm, yeah the leather is already kind of waxy and irregular and i'd hate to lose that. i'm really leaning towards just kind of leaving it. wabi sabi?
ugh, any recommendations on how to get stains out of a leather jacket? leaned on a countertop the other night and something got on the sleeve (probably alcohol...) and stained it. i'm kind of inclined to just leave it though and hope it fades with wear.
sounds good, post pix!
so it fits like every bedford ever?
lmfao. how do you like the jacket? wish they had made those up in xs.
i got it off rakuten and haven't been able to figure out what season it's from (hasn't arrived yet)...
New Posts  All Forums: