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do needles make xs stuff and just no one stocks it or is small the lowest they go? so much of the stuff is awesome, but I'm a true xs and worry about it being too big. except for something like the peak lapel rebuild jacket, which I think would look awesome a little oversized and is in my "dream cop" list.
you have any experience with bru na boinne? I see it pop up on rakuten a bunch but have never heard of anyone w/ firsthand experience.
the uniqlo "pure blue japan" line has nothing to do with PBJ, fyi.
whoa is thewho officially in boston now? i haven't hit up trillium yet, but it's definitely on my list.
thanks for clearing that up.
does this look really off to anyone else? not sure if it's the fit of the pants or what, but something just doesn't look right.
have you been to aeronaut yet? if not, we need to do a boston sf meetup there asap.
Love porters and stouts but can only drink one. Most IPAs I can stomach two or three and then at that point i'm hammered already. To tell the truth, though, I've been drinking ciders a lot recently. Tend to err towards ones that are a little stronger/less sweet than the typical woodchuck or something, but haven't really gotten into the "craft" cider game much. They just tend to be a lot lighter on my stomach than beers. I do want to get back into drinking whiskey/scotch...
does gilt jp ship to us addresses? or do you need a proxy. don't need any of it, want all of it.
love IPAs, y'all are crazy.if you can, i'd upgrade asap. i made the same jump and there's a noticeable difference in grind consistency. also, the capresso has a pretty crucial design flaw where a significant amount of grounds stay in the grinder (there's a term for this, but I forget what it is) unless you really make an effort to pick the grinder up and whack the back of it. the "chute" or whatever from the burrs to the basket is horizontal rather than being slopped...
New Posts  All Forums: