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dude no one gives a fuck about your grey hoodie stfu
tbh besides daiki's heritage there isn't really anything "japanese" about EG
4est jeans/boots are so good
i'm sorry you guys got ripped off but talking about "hate fucking" a girl who looks like drew is downright vulgar.
i don't mind warby at all but they're just kind of decent from a build quality standpoint, imo. they're relatively cheap though and given how tastes change it's not an awful thing to get a new pair every 1-2 years or so.
i think @flowcharts has the same one in a different color
thanks! in the market for new frames and looking for something similar (and nicer than warby)
what are the glasses?
i know this was posted earlier in the thread, but I cannot get over the fabric on this tie.
I have the jacket @Brattman is selling it's a wonderful wonderful mid layer for winter. someone buy it.
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