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random fashion thought: all i want to wear is a leather, shirt (t or button down), jeans, and cool boots everyday except for days when i'm wearing a cool eg jacket, patterned shirt, unis chinos, and boots. two uniforms and i'm set.
stitchy's opinion on this matter is probably the most educated of almost anyone on here because he looks great in both sw&d and mc.
^thanks!~edit~well that thread convinced me. consider my tax return spent.guessing it's black though? i also gotta save up for a bit too.
kinda bummed i didn't grab the vest, but my size didn't make it to sales and i never wear the vest i have now.y'all should post fit pics though!
so no brown leather? damn.
never paid attention to neil barrett before, but aw15 is GOOD.THE BOOTS. http://www.style.com/fashion-shows/fall-2015-menswear/neil-barrett
can we end sweatshirt blazers in 2015? it's also funny watching trends trickle down from "higher end" labels (w+h, eg, dana lee, barena, etc.) to derrivative brands like jcrew and everlane.
anyone have experience with the eastman leather a2 slender fit? talked with one forum member who had one, but looking for more opinions. thinking of buying one with my tax return...
http://*****************/listings/37702-obama-jean-jacket http://www.ebay.com/itm/America-Online-Men-039-s-Bomber-Style-Jacket-Wool-with-Leather-Sleeves-Size-Small-/331452322253?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255 i'm tempted to start a collection of jackets with terrible back patches
bene, please please please stop posting fits with the excuse that "its comfy." the sneakers might be comfy but they don't look good with anything you've posted and this is styleforum, not comfy forum.
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