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i thought that geller apple store interview was really cool. he seems like a super cool guy. i don't own any geller but kind of wish i did...
agreed but i have a feeling it's just the angle. top block looks great though.
i have a suit supply suit i like quite a bit but I know NOTHING about MC.
wait jet is a real person?
not sure i'm a fan of the way those pants fit you.
fantastic, all of them. how do you like those dub monk paraboots? gary at drinkwaters has a pair that i eye every time i'm in there.
also worth noting that sizing down in eg pants is ill advised. at least on the smaller end of the spectrum. the sz28 fit very true.
usually not a fan of that type of hat but it looks really good there.
are there any online DIY tutorials for "sashiko" stitching?
pretty cool lad varsity http://item.rakuten.co.jp/kind-u/576615005169/?scid=rm_218583
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