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i'm also debating a pair of f+b eta boots on sale. i should probably just wait until i see a brown leather pair of elf boots on sale/secondhand.
anyone have experience with doucal's boots? what's the quality/fit like? debating this pair of side zips on yoox.
i really hate to break it to you...but DREW FUCKING LIED.
PM Sent
must. resist.
do FWK garments have different tags? wondering if this is an xs or an fwk piece (no size listed) http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w116884300 also, just received the quilted andover. so friggin happy it isn't as bulky as I had feared (I bought it before I realized it was "quilted" ). quilting details are cool though, poly fill, wool herringbone texture. maybe i'll post fit pics later this week. think i'm going to like it though. thing also looks brand new...i...
nah, i meant leather as in...not suede.
a size small needs to grab this jacquard andover!
i love the shape of those. just wish the guy would stock brown leather.
i have a pair of pants by them. pretty nice, but nothing special really. prefer unis.
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