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Lol at comparing buttero to red wing. Totally different styles.
Brad - it's great to see how far you've come aesthetically while still (seemingly) remaining true to personal preferences and not giving in to Internet hype.
cheap factotum leather. tempted to buy myself, but I think my judgement is being clouded by the low price... http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/blowz/item/9015197420143/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en
how to size wjk? is it as small as it seems? paging @brad-t and @nicelynice
Who did those repairs? yourself? love the way that looks.
please do not buy this
idk if it's due to my body image issues or what, but slp head to toe looks so cool to me.
fit alright? how's it look in person?
anyone tried the mountain parka? need a cheap ss parka.
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