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why do you care so much about what other people wear
in that case i'll pass, thank you!
hmmm...tempting. i WAS going to get a brown a2....now i'm not going to be able to stop thinking about this jacket though.
dooooooo it
oh shit.although it's a little too olive for me.
i still love raw denim. i wear denim 3-4 times a week but only because i like to switch it up. could totally wear jeans to the office every day if i wanted. idk, it's still fun for me.
ugh, someone find me a brown 5 zip in 44 #sfhype
DUDE http://*****************/listings/47262-lad-musician-leather-double-rider-44
lookbook claimed. jesus, you guys are fast.
if anyone wants a lookbook from this season, let me know, i've got two. also, workaday utility jackets are every bit as great as i expected the reversed sateen fabric is
New Posts  All Forums: