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unfortunately, buying in person isn't really going to be possible unless I take a trip to nyc or something, which probably isn't going to happen anytime soon. even the retails who sell schott, etc, likely don't stock 34s. I'm probably more confident on the sizing than I'm letting on. does 24.4" seem reasonable for someone my height?if you happen to be back at that shop and get a second look at that caramel leather, let me know
No one? Cmon sf, don't let me down.
For a similar style, I prefer the usn jacket from a few seasons ago.
still weighing an other option (which I prefer, but may not ultimately work out), but wanted to get people's thoughts on this leather. uniform experiment, calf. a tad worried it may be too long, but it's the same length (allegedly) as this EG jacket and it's the smallest size they made.
for everyone that missed it the first time, our legacy suede jacket (46): http://www.ebay.com/itm/OUR-LEGACY-UNCONSTRUCTED-SUEDE-JACKET-46-SIZE-ami-apc-supreme-acne-carven-/161522878891?ssPageName=ADME:B:WNARL:US:1123
hmmm maybe I'd be better off going with something all leather in that case? appreciate the thoughts guys.
well cropped certainly isn't bad for me! maybe i'll post some pics once i get it.
anyone have the s2w8 binocular bag? been looking for a small bag (basically a man purse) and this one looks perfect.
I know nothing about the brand "west america," but i want this woolrich poncho
gray one looks like paper.
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