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i've only been once, but it's very cool for what it is (overpriced craft cocktails). if we're trying to roll with a group may be best to make reservations though. i'd be willing to go with you at some point even if it doesn't work out w/ fuuma. it's literally next to my house.
price is right, but how many eg jackets does one guy need? not to mention i still want a grey homespun wool one in my wardrobe...
they'll be more than sold out by the afternoon (i can't do morning), but backbar (literally around the corner from USD) seems like it would be up fuuma's alley (maybe i'm biased because it's in my 'hood).
i could definitely do something in the afternoon/evening (dinner?). can't do anything late night, however.
yeah i'm fine getting a mainline suit not a +j one, I just want to verify that the fabric is actually the same.
mmm, good call. i wonder how stock'll be, though. i need it for a work conference coming up.
does anyone know if the wool blended jackets/pants are the same material? i need a cheap suit in xs/29. thinking these two? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-wool-blended-slim-fit-jacket-131153.html#08|/men/outerwear/blazers/wool/| http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-wool-blended-flat-front-pants-086789.html#07|/men/bottoms/pants/trousers/|
hi styleforum. hope everyone's been good! i've been super busy with a new job, new city, etc. but it's fall. jackets and knit season woooo maybe I'll even post a fit again...
shoes clash with the pants so bad.
zurichs? ew. bostons or arizonas.
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