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something gud is cool, you can totally customize the box and there's no minimum charge
gonna be raddddddddddd. should i invite the care tags kids? they've been wanting to do a boston meetup...but they're quite literally kids (like 18)
Trader Joe's in Cambridge for my weekly stock up. Market Basket if i need something quick. Union Sq Farmers Market in the spring/summer/fall if i'm not at a bike race for produce. Savenor's in cambridge is freaking awesome for meat. Anyone using Something Gud or a similar farm share type program?
because people would rather bitch endlessly than actually do anything productive.
random fashion thought: all i want to wear is a leather, shirt (t or button down), jeans, and cool boots everyday except for days when i'm wearing a cool eg jacket, patterned shirt, unis chinos, and boots. two uniforms and i'm set.
stitchy's opinion on this matter is probably the most educated of almost anyone on here because he looks great in both sw&d and mc.
^thanks!~edit~well that thread convinced me. consider my tax return spent.guessing it's black though? i also gotta save up for a bit too.
kinda bummed i didn't grab the vest, but my size didn't make it to sales and i never wear the vest i have now.y'all should post fit pics though!
so no brown leather? damn.
never paid attention to neil barrett before, but aw15 is GOOD.THE BOOTS. http://www.style.com/fashion-shows/fall-2015-menswear/neil-barrett
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