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not really interested in trades atm, but if you're interested, make me an offer on the item in my signature. won't refuse anything reasonable.
^except many shops maintain separate online/b&m stocks...
@lawlercon drinkwaters has a gorgeous chambray in my size on sale with red stitching that is taking all my restraint not to pick up.
^love that parka i never should have bought an eg flannel. whereas my uniqlo flannels were once sufficient...i've now been shown the truth. daiki, why do you do this to me?
wasn't the old blackwatch a flannel though or have they previously done a ss blackwatch?
best jacket from that season. so jealous.
there's no hype quite like sneaker hype. it's the same as anything, it lets hypebeast readers "buy into" the brand without having to type a $250 shirt or a $400 jacket. i've got nothing agains them, but certainly wouldn't go out of my way to find a pair myself.
these are great. love the pleats!got vans resellers really fucking up my ebay eg search.
stopped by Drinkwater's today which was of course a wonderful experience. picked up the bedford in navy high count twill. a great fabric this season and the fit is perfect on me. haven't tried on the past few seasons bedfords though, so can't compare. also picked up a heavy plaid twill workshirt from fw11 I believe, and a copy of the garment district journal. 'twas a good day!
did he update the spreadsheet (10)?
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