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i was more inclined to go with the standard "vintage selvedge" denim over the memphis. does anyone know if bears will hem denim before shipping?
oh wow, never expected this type of response, thank you!see, i actually like the slim top block. all my denim now is too big in the top block and looks sloppy (you can actually see in bears photos where the crotch kind of folds over on the 0406, i'm trying to avoid this). i'm going to compare measurements to the fit i'm after and make a decision, but I'm very glad to hear you were impressed by the quality. were you wearing them tts (to true measured waist, not your normal...
hmm good to know. i think i'll go by the measurements just to be sure, though. did you experience a lot of stretching/shrinkage? the 28 would be perfect for me going by the raw measurements, but judging by the o/w on rakuten, may be slightly too small?
can you elaborate on the "massively vanity sized" point? my best fitting pair of pants measure exactly 29" so I was planning on purchasing a sz28 from rakuten (http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/bears/item/japanblue-jb0701/) which lists the measurement for that size as ~28.5" which doesn't seem terribly vanity sized. how much stretch did you experience?i'm also debating the eternal 883.
hey everyone, in the market for new some denim. i know this thread seems to be mostly focused on mainline momo, but I'm looking specifically at some JP0701s. Any comments on these?
also in the market for some denim, specifically something which actually fits me in the waist, everything i own is way too big. true measured 29" where i wear my jeans. would love something in a slim straight fit, similar to the eg cinch back or usn pant fit (about a 7" leg opening at 30" inseam with a medium rise. no more n&f super low rise bullshit), between $150 and $200, and made in the usa or japan. my shortlist right now is epla wilshire (although i can't find much...
any chance at ever seeing any of the epla outerwear in size xs?
thanks! we gotta meet up again before i leave town.they're by baldwin denim "the reed" in rinsed tobacco. got them off b&s super cheap and have been really happy with the fit.http://blueowl.us/product/baldwin-denim-the-reed-115oz-duck-canvas-in-rinsed-tobacco/
ehh, not a fan of the color on that.
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