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you'd have to have the iq of a rock to buy a spot at this point
congrats bene! we'll have to organize a bos - provi meetup.
Ended up skipping the paisley shirt for now in the name of fiscal responsibility. But I did pick up a workaday jacket as a ss compliment to my wool shawl collar jacket. Looking forward to receiving it.
I've always wanted that junya jacket but now I REALLY want that junya jacket. That jacket was in my dream last night (0)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyylasdjklsdfjklsdfjklasdfjklasdfjkldfjsdfjk
lol, let's be honest, the "fanboys" are high schoolers who bought a toj with their mom's money.
Wish i could meet up but i'll be at work out in waltham until 7 at the earliest
if eddie dyes that 5 zip i'm quitting styleforum.
is there even a single good pic of your toj
^worse than i expected. shit like that really makes me hate the "fashion" industry.
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