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i've had really great luck with grailed thus far. super convenient and makes more sense than having sellers split between ebay/sf/sufu/sz/etc.
Yeah I've replied to that email like 3 times and haven't heard back from them or seen the charge on my card. Might call my bank to see if they're blocking the transaction or something.
Price on this?
Anyone ever ordered from Bears through rakuten? I got an email that my order was confirmed, but after a week my card still hasn't been charged and the item hasn't shipped yet...
I have two bedfords in different fabrics and want a third. Also want another Andover.
stop tnothing could be further from the truth.
beautiful, regis. #bizcaslifestyle
i hate ebay sellers who don't respond to messages. LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY.
ended up copping the jb0401s, thanks guys.
yeah the 0701 cut really sounds like what i'm looking for. a little confused because the bears measurements seem significantly smaller than the blue owl ones for the same model (29.5" v. 28.3" waist in the same size), but i'm guessing that's the diff between o/w and raw, despite the fact that they're sanforized. but, i think i'll go with your tts suggestion, which for me is 29.
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