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maybe i misunderstand the meaning of functional button holes but i have a few andover and i don't think they have functional button holes?
i'm a fan of ibex
'sup styleforum. long time, no post. hope everyone's been good. finally picked up an inverallan because i'm stuck in 2013.
am i correct in the assumption that with the increase in minimum to $800 earlier this year, I won't pay any duties on buying (from the US) an item worth
yesssssss finally
you don't/shouldn't get charged import fees for MUSA goods.
another wedding question - i'm going to a "black tie optional" wedding. i don't own black tie and have no interest in renting a tux if i don't have to. my only suit is dark navy. will i be ok in a navy suit, white shirt, conservative navy tie?
best to try on in store if possible. levi's sizing is wildly inconsistent ime.
how dare the skin of a dead animal have imperfections.
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