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unsurprisingly the people waiting in line at the OC sample sale yesterday looked exactly as I would have imagined people who go to OC sample sales would have looked. am i just out of touch because i don't live in nyc or do 90% of the people in williambsurg look ridiculous?
a little too out there for me, but someone should grab this bomber: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/572416001047/
nah i was just super confused at first. recognized the vest though!
@conceptual 4est did i have a weird hangover induced dream or did i see you on the train earlier tonight?
yeah it was a really cool spot. gentry was also awesome, the concept shop they've got upstairs was interesting too. you nyc folk are spoiled.
finally finally made it to nepenthes today. really cool place. still not too enthused about ss16, but the aviators and the black watch bedford are both really nice. that blue/green plaid fabric is really pretty amazing in person too.
"the bags on the breasts"
i'd like to believe the "desi" was named after desi.
was going to say the same thing
i'll stop by tomorrow!
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