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yes.does my bank account want to fund your leather monitaly zip jacket?no.in all honesty, depending on measurements/price/how urgent you are to sell it...i could be interested.
then the thing you bought ends up being completely awesome () but doesn't fit ()...so you decide to flip it and get the thing you wanted originally. i guess it all works out?
that jacket looks ridiculous.
hey guys, gonna be in town next thursday. definitely planning to stop by and say hi/check out some goods. any recommendations for places to grab lunch?
check out portland dry goods while in portland
drinkwaters for sure.
got my +j order in. didn't get a chance to try on the dress shirts, but the denim shirt is nice. nice slim fit, definitely a "tuck" length. pretty lightweight. i'd honestly consider it a chambray more than a denim shirt.
sigh. nothing worse than what you really wanted popping up for sale right after you bought something which was almost what you wanted.
not sure if serious...
seriously? that's where i'm at. lemme know when you're in town!
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