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@dieworkwear did i see you mention that you've got an rrl moto?yeah I got the unis one (http://unisnewyork.com/collections/mens-jackets/products/suede-bomber-jacket-rust). i like it quite a bit. golden bear/club monaco is also an option.
^still regret not picking that up
think it was actually fw, but managed to grab this shirt off rakuten which I've been a fan of since it dropped.
I think the tailor moved the sleeve buttons, although I may be mistaken.
@Drinkwaters's tailor did a fantastic job on shortening the sleeves on a few of my andovers from the end of the sleeve (not the shoulder).
guys i'm really not convinced that svb is ever going to be able to wear that suit like the mmm lookbook. i think svb puts together some good looks, but trying to force him to go shirtless-regis swag just seems misguided.
woah woah woah. cable. knit. bedford.
i think vibram soles can look good, but those butteros look so much better as is.
"typical bad boy shit"
woah, that is sick
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