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desi mentioned it fits long
has anyone picked up the aviator? might grab one when my tax return comes through.
in general i think most ss bedfords aren't lined. why do people dislike the sewn buttons so much?
nice! from where?
picked up my olive ripstop bedford from Drinkwaters yesterday. fit seems just a tad looser than last ss (comparing to cotton twill navy bedford). overall really happy with it. fabric is a bit thicker than i was expecting, which i'm happy with. olive color is slightly duller than my reversed sateen workaday jacket.
ll bean?
i think in the past they've limited it to one pair per person, no?
unsurprisingly the people waiting in line at the OC sample sale yesterday looked exactly as I would have imagined people who go to OC sample sales would have looked. am i just out of touch because i don't live in nyc or do 90% of the people in williambsurg look ridiculous?
a little too out there for me, but someone should grab this bomber: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/572416001047/
nah i was just super confused at first. recognized the vest though!
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