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hmmm maybe I'd be better off going with something all leather in that case? appreciate the thoughts guys.
well cropped certainly isn't bad for me! maybe i'll post some pics once i get it.
anyone have the s2w8 binocular bag? been looking for a small bag (basically a man purse) and this one looks perfect.
I know nothing about the brand "west america," but i want this woolrich poncho
gray one looks like paper.
which dude on this podcast is spacepope?
who here has the hartford jacket from fw10? is it basically an andover with extra stitching? i've only ever seen the grey one, but just grabbed one in olive wool off B+S.
i really need to stop shopping online out of boredom.
there are no words to describe how awesome this suit looks. damn.
leprechaun going fishing thanks @ghdvfddzgzdzg
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