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speaking of nonnative... http://page15.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t450203362
i like it a lot tbh. but...didn't you buy one of those like a year ago and return it?
might be worth contacting @impolyt_one
hah, you're the dude who bought it? glad you're still wearing it!
fwiw i like the all saints the best, but i would imagine the LVC is nicer quality/construction whatever the hell that means. i would save until you can afford what you really want.
remember that time i found a nn leather on rakuten and didn't buy it? still regret that.
@thewho13 do you have a white moto jacket? i know you used to have a white 5 zip but i think i saw you walking around somerville today? tried to yell but you didn't notice.
fit looks weird on the model tbh. if returnable tho, worth a shot.
*daps* bomber bro
New Posts  All Forums: