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never been to ippudo, but i want that jacket...
stitchy, that coat is still one of the most impressive pieces of clothing i've ever laid eyes on.
I can do pretty much anything. If this sunday doesn't work how about monday, or tuesday?
y'all gotta stop expecting eg to fit super slim/tapered. it's meant to be boxy, especially the bedford. either embrace it or look elsewhere. fwiw, my cotton bedfords tend to drape a lot better after some wear.
yeah once the full lookbook is out i'll be in touch. hoping for a navy tropical wool andover and some awesome shirting patterns (that brown paisley has my attention...)
was just going to ask if gary will be offering pre orders.
yo afl...if you can't make this meetup, you should organize a ct meetup. i need an excuse to visit my family for a weekend and wouldn't mind grabbing a beer or a coffee with a fellow clothing nerd.
i'm open to anywhere in the boston area. i'm just suggesting somerville because it's the area I know (i'm borderline a hermit). i'm good with state park!
how is that jacket in the rain? relatively water resistant?
you guys didn't convince me soon enough and I bought it!still a medium left. $385 w/ free shipping.
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