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Hey everyone, Up for sale is a Barena Slanega jacket is a beautiful grey 80% wool/20% nylon fabric. I really hate to have to sell this, but its simply a size too large for me. I got it from canstyleace and have only just tried it on. Honestly, the thing looks brand new. Just trying to get back what I paid. Price includes shipping to the U.S., Int. buyers will have to add shipping. Let me know if you have any questions! Measurements (from End): P2P: 18.75" Back Length:...
grey wool bedford. unsure of the exact season. lined and 100% wool. doesn't look like herringbone or woolspun though? slight impulse buy after the barena i bought from canstyleace didn't work out
hoping my rakuten order goes through. might have finally copped my eg "grail." onto the next one, ha.
they've done blackwatch a number of times in the past and consistently use traditional fabrics like whipcord, wool serge, herringbone, etc.
i roll with ll bean katahdin+wool socks. works fine.
yes.does my bank account want to fund your leather monitaly zip jacket?no.in all honesty, depending on measurements/price/how urgent you are to sell it...i could be interested.
then the thing you bought ends up being completely awesome () but doesn't fit ()...so you decide to flip it and get the thing you wanted originally. i guess it all works out?
that jacket looks ridiculous.
hey guys, gonna be in town next thursday. definitely planning to stop by and say hi/check out some goods. any recommendations for places to grab lunch?
check out portland dry goods while in portland
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