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you guys convinced me wanted to make sure that irl it came off as a funky, well constructed blazer and not a mishmash of old junk (have never seen it in person and it's final sale ). i've been wanting an olive bedford for a while anyway, but this should do a good job of filling that niche while also offering something different.
needles rebuild peak lapel...as awesome as I think it's going to be or am i going to regret paying so much (on sale, but still not cheap) for a repurposed mill surp piece?
Unfortunately, Aeronaut appears to be closed on Sunday's...bummer! My suggestions for backbar or brass union still stand, however.
I just got a suitsupply suit that I'm super happy with for the money.
needles rebuild shawl collar (would be mine it it were a peak lapel!) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Needles-Rebuild-Shawl-Collar-Jacket-Engineered-Garments-Nepenthes-Size-Small-S-/111512773255
Hope this is ok to post here... I think I'm going to be letting go of my xs olive penn shirt jacket. Awesome piece, but I don't really wear it enough to warrant keeping it around and I'd like to fund some more purchases. if you're interested, let me know before I throw it up on b&s, etc.
I never specified a date...just suggested a date. but yeah, the 15th no longer works for me either. Sounds like the 23rd is it...
Hi all, The last Boston meetup organized by @Drinkwaters was a blast and I think we're due for another one! We also need to welcome @thewho13 to our wonderful city. I had originally thrown out 11/22 as a date, but something else has since popped up so this is not longer going to work for me. The following (pre thanksgiving) dates would be ideal for me (but feel free to suggest others!): 11/16, 11/20, 11/23. If we can't manage to get something organized before...
recently had a few pieces (suit jacket, pants, EG andover jacket) tailored by Drinkwater's and just wanted to say that the entire transaction was positive. Steven worked with me on fitting the pieces and the alterations done are (to my eye, i'm not going to pretend to be an expert in this topic, however) absolutely flawless. all three pieces fit as perfect as I could hope for. mind you, none of this stuff was actually purchased through drinkwater's (one day I will have the...
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