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Fok - just close this thread, for real. nothing productive has come out of it in months. TOJ doesn't owe you this headache.
^thanks for the explanation.
how the FUCK are we still talking about T3C's fits?!
If you don't have at least $500 to spend, it's probably not worth getting a leather.
"very rare model" i also know nothing about julius. i just know they look cool. http://www.g railed.com/listings/62781-julius-lace-up-boots
i don't know anything about baller boots, but these julius boots on the site that shall not be named are fucking insane
it seems like you guys buy a ton of jeans. i think i've bought 3 pairs in the past 5 years and even that feels excessive.
If t3c didn't post brands he wouldn't get half as much flack. Dude looks fine.
ajklsdsdf there's a fifth season? when did that come out?
is it actually popular in the "fashion community" or just popular among the people who read sf/sufu/mfa which tend to be younger and with less disposable income than the larger "fashion community."
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