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how much customization is available with the custom russels? I like this pair: http://www.russellmoccasin.com/laramie-suede-art-carter-traveling-sportsman-chukka/ but would prefer if the whole shoe (including tongue) were made up in the same suede.
does anyone remember what the pricepoint on the russell moccasin collab was and if any stock remains? the chukkas look so damn good.
is it ok to post codes? (i know it's not ok to ask for them) i'm not going to use mine: FW14-20-1OVZW
if only someone on this site had written a newbie guide to purchasing from japan...
forgot to mention - tried on the shawl while I was there...and it's awesome. definitely a piece you "get" once you try it on and seems surprisingly very versatile. construction is obviously pretty simple, but they're priced pretty reasonably if you compare to a woolrich wool blanket or something. now i really want one. drinkwaters has the brown homespun and one other fabric (which I forget) in stock, if anyone is looking!
stopped into drinkwaters today to get some stuff tailored (great service, as always!) and was once again reminded of how nice fw EG stuff is in person. the fabrics are all just so great. easy to take for granted the stuff you wear day in and day out. i like to say fw11 is my favorite season because it's the first year I was into EG, but this season gives it a serious run for its money and it definitely seems to me that they're really upping the quality (at least in terms...
if you're looking for something cheap, i'm going to (unsurprisingly) recommend wool overs.
let's please debate birks...AGAIN!
well there's an endorsement i'm sure he was looking for.
ugh, so much awesome! love how the jacket really calms down the severity of the patterns up top.
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