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miss you bro
yeah, looks a size large.
IMO a good B&M experience is much better than online shopping. That being said, most people don't have access to a lot of good B&M shops.
no to the NN cardi and no to the weird cardi blazer thing
between the two, keep the second.
i don't tuck workshirts. side gussets are too high IMO.ah, makes sense. all mine are relatively old.
you should donate that expensive nonnative dr in your sig to me.
i don't think it looks bad tbh. sleeves are long, but goes with the style. just tell people it's rick and the sleeves are supposed to be long.
clothes we buy to cover up what's inside (edit: am i reading this article correctly that this guy doesn't own any button up shirts?)
i really don't like the shape on those, especially to be worn with jeans. IMO something bulkier and more rounded would look better with jeans. vintage longwings are easy to find cheap and IMO look good with jeans.(ignore the questionable sock color:
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