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well vis has been around longer than denim&supply (i think?), so that probably says more about D&S than it does about vis.
any pics of the multi color?
yeah i like it, haven't been wearing it though because...summer. it's definitely a lightweight piece though and the fit is pretty boxy/low armholes/etc., but i think it goes well with the style of the jacket. build and leather quality seems very solid, but what the hell do i know.
besides the suede jacket i got not really, but i haven't been looking at all either. still planning on grabbing an rrl moto or eastman a2 whenever i get my bonus (just paid off my cc card, which was a huge friggin relief).
soooo jealous.
definitely interested even though I haven't been around the board as much as I would like lately. what about friday july 10th? i'm a huge fan of backbar, but have been meaning to check out Drink and State Park as well.
Yeah backbar is great. Highland kitchen is cool too and right around the corner from my new apartment. I would recommend hungry mother but with the closing coming up, there's no way you're getting in without a reservation. Sarma is good for Mediterranean food too. Dali's in somerville is supposed to have amazing tapas, but I've never been. Lone star taco and fomu in Allston are solid as well. Would love to meet up if you're around somerville or Cambridge and free this...
yeah, i figured as much. i'd still really like to grab one but just can't justify it at retail and they don't pop up second hand in my size often (ever).
online sale is on. kind of bummed the suede shirts aren't included.
this one?
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