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is the patchwork intermediates shirt on eggplant new or from a past season? anyone seen this stateside? http://www.eggplantjp.com/?pid=73825344
hmm, fit looks slimmer than i would have imagined.vanson's are far too much on the "moto" side of things, and I've been wearing my eg bomber jacket and really coming around to the idea of a leather bomber again, lol.but back to the topic at hand - echo the comments re beene's shoes. "too lazy to lace sneakers" but not too lazy to post a picture on the internet, lol. not sure what red wings beene has, but postman oxfords would look great there.
i appreciate the compliment, but i only really know because i just bought one so i did some research. all of the old lookbooks are online though, which is a great resource.
yo, is this a 46 or a 48?
is the nmwa website painfully slow for anyone else or just me?
that's the hartford jacket from fw10 (i believe). i've got one on the way myself. from what i've read it's similar in fit to the andover, but with the added quilting. a unique piece for sure and not something they do every season (or since fw10 iirc). post some fit pics!
Hey everyone, I'm looking to add a brown leather to my wardrobe. Looking for a bomber silhouette (a2, ma1, harrington, etc.), brown non-distressed leather/suede in size xs/34/44. Photo is of a TOJ, but open to any brand. Thanks!
rrl knowles jacket. returnable, so i might just try it out and see what happens.
i also got that pm.
i could saturday afternoon/evening? don't think they'll have anything in my size though but could be fun anyway.
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