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the only shirts i don't tuck when wearing blazers are eg shirts as the side scallops are too high to tuck. the navy twill bedford this season really is great. if you don't already have a navy bedford, it's a must buy. fits so well.
^no but i remember fok and him discussing taxes, etc on here before. i could be wrong, though.
while we're making pointless comparisons of toj to other companies, iirc, drew never paid any taxes on any of this income even though he is (i believe) a US citizen
^where in ct are you? I'm from just over the ct/ri border on rt. 6. Such a beautiful area.
iirc drew isn't the only (or even the main) person involved in libertine. slandering the restaurant seems like a really low move.
you'd have to have the iq of a rock to buy a spot at this point
congrats bene! we'll have to organize a bos - provi meetup.
Ended up skipping the paisley shirt for now in the name of fiscal responsibility. But I did pick up a workaday jacket as a ss compliment to my wool shawl collar jacket. Looking forward to receiving it.
I've always wanted that junya jacket but now I REALLY want that junya jacket. That jacket was in my dream last night (0)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyylasdjklsdfjklsdfjklasdfjklasdfjkldfjsdfjk
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