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someone buy my stuff so i can win this andover on yjp pleaseeeeeee. i'll cut you a really good deal if you buy before the end of the week.
lol at you guys actually believing that estimate.
say no to baller sneakers stitch. vans or NBs.
@thewho13 or anyone else who lives within walking distance of union (@afixedpoint?) want to uber over together? probably cheaper than having to take multiple buses.
bid on something on yjp for the first time using brad's guide, which was super helpful. then i couldn't sleep last night because I was anxious about how much i've been spending on clothing, so I cancelled the bid this morning. :/
please tell me more about how you're judging the color scheme based off black and white photos.
Glad to hear! I'd love to pick up a copy when they arrive.
I know Daiki lived in Boston at one point, though. hmmm...
yeah i'd much rather pass my eg pieces to someone cool on here rather than low ballers on grailed. on that note, buy my stuff!
New Posts  All Forums: