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oh shit.
nah i just haven't posted a mirror fit from the 'ville yet.
i've been a fan of that vest since it originally came out. never seen any fit pics with it and i wish it came in a grey color (i seem to be really into gray lately). also, $150 for uniqlo is veering into "meh" category.that being said, i suddenly want one of those olive nyco eg vests.
new apartment, same terrible mirror fit pics, same clothes. [[SPOILER]]
i would go to a sf/sufu halloween party where we all dress as other users...
ebay/paypal has insane buyer protection. if you don't mind being out $80 for a week or so if you have to go through a dispute/return, then might as well try.
ugh friggin halloween. does this mean i'm going to have to "go out" and "do things?" i hate people. i feel like gettoasty
agvs, jacket is great.
someone who is a m/30 NEEDS to get this polka dot suit: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/loop-online/item/mc13675/
the boots look much nicer, imo.
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