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thanks y'all!unis
nonnative too if you're into the thick sole http://nonnative.com/nn-f2604/
quick and dirty fit pic with the new jacket. absolutely love it. fit is cropped and boxy and awesome. glad i got the shorter sleeve version, sleeve length is actually proper on me, which is rare for any piece of clothing i've ever had. [[SPOILER]]
this season's bomber has looked great in every photo i've seen. great buy guys.
thank you on both accounts! boots are fiorentini and baker elf boots. a little different than the stuff most people wear with eg, but i love them.
happy holidays to you as well gary and the drinkwaters team! thank you for everything you do for the sf and boston menswear communities!
^was that shot in your house?
girls in schneider are second only to girls in eg
the people demand a fit pic when it arrives!
if you've got the confidence to rock it, yes. super cool
New Posts  All Forums: