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shoes clash with the pants so bad.
zurichs? ew. bostons or arizonas.
"adopt a newb program" jfc as if full grown men need someone to hold their hand as they buy gitman shirts and apc denim.
super amped!
didn't "moron" used to be used in the same context we use "retard" today (to refer to people who are mentally slow)?
woah! stopped into drinkwaters today and it's a good thing I did. besides the fact that they are super nice guys, they reminded me of this thread. great to see the idea took off, i'll definitely be there!
boston people: http://www.styleforum.net/t/399099/boston-meetup
Hey styleforum - recently moved up to Boston (somerville to be exact)...would love to plan a styleforum meetup somewhere in the area!
any SFers in the boston area? just moved to somerville and know like no one. be my friend, yo.
the spoiler'd zip up boots are awesome.
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