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thanks for the info! also, how do they fit? thinking of putting in an order for crepe sole suede loafers or ranger mocs.
was that for custom or for MTO?
what's the timeline like for custom made shoes?
dadcore is the best core
yeah i couldn't do 6 months. once i'm ready to cop i'll probably see if nepenthes has any left or just get a similar pair of yuketens or something. on another note: if anyone ends up with a lookbook and doesn't want it, i'd love a copy. scanned through one at drinkwater's and it's a gorgeous shoot.
"here make me the exact same thing you made for nepenthes, but do it w/o the nepenthes markup"
how much customization is available with the custom russels? I like this pair: http://www.russellmoccasin.com/laramie-suede-art-carter-traveling-sportsman-chukka/ but would prefer if the whole shoe (including tongue) were made up in the same suede.
does anyone remember what the pricepoint on the russell moccasin collab was and if any stock remains? the chukkas look so damn good.
is it ok to post codes? (i know it's not ok to ask for them) i'm not going to use mine: FW14-20-1OVZW
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