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floral broadcloth shirts are nice. wish they made them in slim fit though. trying to resist buying the two colorways i didn't get. but what kind of person needs 6 floral shirts?
^that is correct, afaik. appreciate the thought, though! staying all the way away from Drinkwaters today because i know i have no self control and will buy that olive whipcord bedford. friggin NEED to save for spring.
down jacket and a scoop neck t? wth bene.
definitely the blackwatch
padmore & barnes is the answer for artisinal wallabees. really want a pair myself, tbh.
judging by your posts here, paying for college certainly isn't going to be the limiting factor.
i would guess the neck ribbing?
and to think i was going to compliment bene's fit then he comes in here and hates on wallabees? SMDH. chet that looks absolutely fantastic. "norm core" done really well.
has anyone received a jacket from a purchased spot yet? considering people are getting the wrong jacket after making changes to their own order, my confidence on a second hand buyer getting the correct jacket is damn low.
whereeeeeeee?! don't tempt me!
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