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"...Well-Travelled, A Stylish Gentlemen Who Appreciates The Finer Things In Life, Decadent Food, Fine Wine And Art, and Improper Capitalization."
where does one buy a cheap but halfway decent blank dad cap?
yeah because i'm sure elon musk doesn't have the means to buy clothes from a city other than SF.
miss you bro
yeah, looks a size large.
IMO a good B&M experience is much better than online shopping. That being said, most people don't have access to a lot of good B&M shops.
no to the NN cardi and no to the weird cardi blazer thing
between the two, keep the second.
i don't tuck workshirts. side gussets are too high IMO.ah, makes sense. all mine are relatively old.
you should donate that expensive nonnative dr in your sig to me.
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