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stitches looks better irl than online. at least from what i saw, the quality of his mc gear really doesn't translate to photos. i only cuff sleeves because my arms are short as all hell.
is the plaid button shawl still available anywhere?
the game done changed.
yeah i'm swamped tonight at work...but the 6th works!
i think the best part of this whole fiasco is how successfully drew manages to troll this thread via instagram.
next fit challenge - couples fit.
iirc drew was never anything but honest about the fact that all his jackets were remakes of designs which had been around for years.
there are like...a million cuts. andover and bedford are the most popular, but I think the baker is thought to be the slimmest. it can vary a lot season to season and fabric and fabric, though. honestly, everything is boxy that's like...the point.
how is the fit on the rebuild shirts? obviously it's going to vary, but in general? are they as slim as the jackets?
New Posts  All Forums: