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i also got that pm.
i could saturday afternoon/evening? don't think they'll have anything in my size though but could be fun anyway.
thoughts on the rrl "knowles" jacket?
5zip looks good.
treat yo' self! then when i finally get mine we can bro out about our new leathers.
do you have a picture of yours worn in? i love the way the sunforger looks.
binge listened to all 15 episodes of the care tags podcast since someone brought it up on here
who has the knowles jacket? comments on the fit/quality?
how common are junya fakes? specifically somewhere like rakuten.
yeah...it looks beautiful in the photos. i just can't bring myself to pull the trigger on a $600 jacket w/o fit pics or secondary measurements :/ edit: can't get this thing outta my head. emailed the seller to see if the length includes the collar as based on past experiences, I suspect it may. also might try out the RRL knowles jacket. a little expensive and seems to fit somewhat boxy, but the place I'd get it from accepts returns, so might as well try.
New Posts  All Forums: