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I received my lambert allen edmonds in 10E from ebay today. The shoes fit good if I tighten them up as much as they give, and wear thicker socks. I think I did a pretty good job of guessing my size for the first time. Next time I might even go to a 9.5-10EE.
After some research it seems alot of other people have been running into the same issues with the 7600. So many that HP has extended the warranty on the affected models. Not sure if it is still serviceable though.
I just booted into windows normally and everything is cool so far, if I start up a game it's probably going to start messing up again. Actually as I'm typing this the screen has become fukked up again. It's probably not a driver issue since I've been using the same video driver for the last 2 years or so with no issues, and now there's problems. I'm on windows 7, and haven't tried overclocking anything. I've put in...
My laptop did this today while playing cs:s. Artifacts everywhere and computer froze up. Now I basically can't use it unless I'm in safe mode. Video card overheated? Display drivers? Using a nvidia geforce Go 7600
Price drop
Hermes 7181UA tie. Navy with gray/goldish and red. Geometric floral pattern. Seems a little dusty on the front, really can't tell. could use a trip to the cleaners I suppose. (professional tie cleaner. Don't take ties to the dry cleaners!) 3.25" at widest point asking $40>$35 shipped paypal within the 48 states
Cool. Not so stressed about it anymore. I'm new to all this style stuff. EDIT: Yeah. I have a pair of Adidas, Nike, and black Hunter's Bay shoes.
Oh well. They're going with the suit anyways.
Quote: Originally Posted by YoungAmerican Nice shoes, but not really dress shoes. Do you think they will go well with a charcoal suit?
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