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3.2 this morning. After injury and the pure laziness that followed even after I was healed it felt good to get out there this morning.
I found out over the weekend that my daughter made the select soccer team she tried out for. She and I did not expect her to make the team but she has tried out for other select teams and wanted to try this too. She was so nervous to read the email when I showed it to her. It's a great situtation for her. She gets to play/practice with better players but yet she stays on her club team with all of her friends for the regular season. And I will be able to take her to all of...
That title even got me back to comment. I lurk but almost never post anymore. Thanks for the blast from the past. Glad you are doing well.
Spending the last few minutes in the old job. The last 2 weeks have been funny to watch as no one has really prepared who is going to take over for all of my responsibilities. Oh well, not my problem anymore.
Accepted a new job offer today. I don't think I have ever been more excited to go in on Monday and resign. Also, had arthroscopic knee surgery on Wednesday and I am doing much better than I expected. I've been walking since hours after the surgery and the pain is minimal. I am hoping for a quick recovery so I can get back to exercise and playing soccer.
My daughter won second place in this year's science fair at her school. This makes 3 years in a row of 1st or 2nd place finishes. For this non scientist Dad I am very proud.
My oldest daughter scored the best goal of her short career this weekend. A quick move from the wing toward the middle of the field and a shot from the top of the penalty box to just inside the bottom of the far post. And her team won again.
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