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Hi All, I'm selling a Louis Vuitton Coat my friend bought on eBay, he thought it was 48EU and the seller wont take it back. The RRP is around 500,000YEN/$5000AUD/$5200US/3500GBP as in the picture. Let me know if you want more details. Price will include shipping, save everyone the hassle of calculating. Paypal/Bank Transfer Thanks, Evan
Hey, what does the fabric feel like? Not sure if it is that rough wool feel.
good seller. would buy but already have a similar suit
Yup, seems like that's where most of the women are xD
Put these all on to eBay: http://shop.ebay.com.au/erzye/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
Hi All, I have reduced the price 100-50$ less for all items. I am not really in a rush to sell but it seems like maybe the style of the shoes are not in season or something~
Thanks SpooPoker, I have taken 100$ off each shoes and will see how that goes.
i All, EDIT: On Ebay, you can still contact me though. I am selling my mothers shoes that she doesn't want. I have attached the images here, I made a basic table webpage with higher res images shoe sizes and price in bold. some of the shoes didn't come with sizes~ I will refund any shoes but not the shipping costs. http://shoe.clubrolla.com.au I have no idea what prices so I got a friend to give me an estimate, I will be reducing by 10% or more every few days~ Prices...
Lol my feet are too big will post the shoes on Other Classifieds as some other seller is doing an interest check as well~
I was actually asking the same question on the General Forum~ 1st post so I don't think it will get on there~ I will post up some shoes as well if your posting goes well~ I have around 38s~
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