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A friend has a V-rod. Took a ride, I feel I can't handle it. lol.15k is the grand total I am willing to pay.So I can either get a used one or a new one priced at 13k. Taxes, fees, buying some accessories totaled up. 15k.
Thank you gent for answering my question. I don't have too much road experience but I learned how to ride when I was young. Only reason I want a Harley is they still make my dream bikes. I tried on a Fat Bob, it's a huge one, the seat is really wide. I know I can adjust it or get a new seat but I want to keep it original as the way it came. Price is not a big factor here. I am willing to pay 15k max, maybe I should just get a used one or rent a bike for 1 day. My only...
the nike town on wilshire has new pants in stock?
Any Harley guys here? I was at the dealership to try some of their bikes. All the Dyna's too tall for me my legs can hardly touch the ground. The sportster Forty eight with 1200 engine fit me very well and cost about 10k. Also they have a Softtail Slim. Really perfect but that thing is about 17k holy shit I don't want to spend that much. So right now my only options are Sportster or Softail used. As I will ride it going to school sometimes, a Softail would be "too much"...
the new knit nike top is very nice for 70 USD i think. and there are lots of choices if you just going to store like Dick's etc. most of "combat pro" are skin tight and stretchy which you want to avoid.
I'm saving up to buy a Harley end of this year. No recent purchases fk yeah.
going full leather daddy mode
Check my signature.
ffs nike is amazing
Yeah it's too short. I know some leather jacket doesn't have crazy long sleeve like Rick but this one looks like a suit jacket length sleeve.
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