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going full leather daddy mode
Check my signature.
ffs nike is amazing
Yeah it's too short. I know some leather jacket doesn't have crazy long sleeve like Rick but this one looks like a suit jacket length sleeve.
It looks too small. You can size 1 or even 2 up judging how the jacket fit. Normally leather jacket has a longer sleeve.
i see $$$$$ going on
Really like this silver chain Raf derby. the chain look better than the gold version. I don't know if the chain will come off eventually (heard it's glued on). Different from the Guidi Agusta aesthetic. Opinions?
can you comment the material and the fit of those 3.1 for target?
didn't have the problem with my Ann sneaker but I only have 1 pair.I don't think it will happen since you stuck your pants into shaft. The inner lining dye your socks to black (toe part)
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