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I like belt around waist line but I want the buckle to be covered w leather. A metal buckle will scratch gas tank/air box.
it makes you feel nicer because it's a name called saint laurent. but you don't need to buy's not priced for the vast. A SLP not necessary better than TOJ, but less people can afford it so it makes you feel better.
god guys you know for a 5k you can get a motorcycle and that's much cooler than wearing a 5k jacket.
I have 1 cafe racer coming next week. some other motorcycle jacket.
those jackets damn.
I like Chippewa if that's your style. For steel toe, I'm not a big fan, couldn't feel the lever when shifting gear.
Manual cars are good, but if you use your right hand to hold your chick how do you drive a manual car?
It looks not jag at all, like a Masarati.
It is very good.
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