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Lanvin Raw Edge Evening Jacket Made in Italy Signature Lanvin Raw-Edge style Retail $2250 Currently selling a very similar version in Lanvin retail store (slightly different fabric) Made by Caruso First pic represent real color Fully Canvassed(Pinch test) Hand made buttonhole (see detail) Small defect around right shoulder - a trip to tailor would fix Please see last pic, you can compare my thumb to see how big it is. Shoulder 15.5 Waist 20.75 BAck length 30 Chest...
I like belt around waist line but I want the buckle to be covered w leather. A metal buckle will scratch gas tank/air box.
it makes you feel nicer because it's a name called saint laurent. but you don't need to buy it.it's not priced for the vast. A SLP not necessary better than TOJ, but less people can afford it so it makes you feel better.
god guys you know for a 5k you can get a motorcycle and that's much cooler than wearing a 5k jacket.
I have 1 cafe racer coming next week. some other motorcycle jacket.
those jackets damn.
I like Chippewa if that's your style. For steel toe, I'm not a big fan, couldn't feel the lever when shifting gear.
Manual cars are good, but if you use your right hand to hold your chick how do you drive a manual car?
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