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Have fun man, I started on a bike bike(1130cc 115 hp) because I've ridden before, still that's my first street bike under my name. Soon you will want something bigger and bigger.
that's a nice looking lil bike.
If you want a 400 bang helmet go w shoei or aria. Unless the bell is the style you like. Took a ride to Angeles Crest all the way to up newcomb's ranch, brrrr it's cold.
@Neognosis Truth is people have money to blow on 3k jackets but few has guts to ride bikes. Ride Safe
I like your product Zam buddy but the thesis defense is too long to read.
sushi gen lunch special all day everyday.
Purple Sold. Stripe Available
as long as balmain keep producing 8k women's jacket and people keep buying it, no one gives a shit about menswear.
Lanvin Raw Edge Evening Jacket Made in Italy Signature Lanvin Raw-Edge style Retail $2250 Currently selling a very similar version in Lanvin retail store (slightly different fabric) Made by Caruso First pic represent real color Fully Canvassed(Pinch test) Hand made buttonhole (see detail) Small defect around right shoulder - a trip to tailor would fix Please see last pic, you can compare my thumb to see how big it is. Shoulder 15.5 Waist 20.75 BAck length 30 Chest...
New Posts  All Forums: