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I like driving diesel trucks lol.
tim coppens designs clothes for aliens. not for us.
The CC jacket is nicer, the price is more reasonable. 5 zip has a boxy fit that's it. Don't think the cut is special in any way. And leather they used looks cheap. $1350 acne looks better.
5 zip is overrated. period.
I actually have a pair of JCP GATs. No one would tell the difference when you wear it, Only complaint is the material is not as nice as margiela, not breathable.
Have fun man, I started on a bike bike(1130cc 115 hp) because I've ridden before, still that's my first street bike under my name. Soon you will want something bigger and bigger.
that's a nice looking lil bike.
If you want a 400 bang helmet go w shoei or aria. Unless the bell is the style you like. Took a ride to Angeles Crest all the way to up newcomb's ranch, brrrr it's cold.
@Neognosis Truth is people have money to blow on 3k jackets but few has guts to ride bikes. Ride Safe
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