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fingerless gloves
Lobb William II in Brown SOLD
400$ speeding ticket plus tons of fees.
namor i love you.
i like black leather w red lining, looks kinky.
some of the LVC are good, but the one you posted look good as well. i like it.
+1 on Arai but their shape does't fit me very well. Anyway snell approved always make me feel safer.Can't believe some german ww2 looking helmets is also DOT.Btw good ventilation really makes difference. SHOEI RF-1100 is on sale lots of places since RF-1200 is came out.
it's a protective gear, protection first, style always second. For all motorcycle protective gears, helmet worth your investment if you only have limited money to spend.
helmet - what's your head worth. If you don't want to pay 800 for a schuberth, forget bell, shark, or any other brands. get a Snell approved entry level full face SHOEI or ARAI around 400 bucks then you are ready to go.
It entertains me watching you guy's posts. I need popcorn and beer.
New Posts  All Forums: