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you are right, Oumi Sasaya is at lomita and Penn. I just use yelp and GPS to get there .Tamaen is good, as well as Hakata Yamaya.I like Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori but always think it lack of something. I'm going to try Torihei this weekend.
too warm in LA to wear anything, Don't that good or bad
damn going to Torrence/Lomita again this weekend. nom nom nom
OMG Isachenko man, you know JCpenney's fake 20 bucks GAT looks better than those.
been there before, for a dinner combo 16 bucks plus tips tax ended around 20. Also been to the barbecue place same in rolling hills plaza last weekend, liked it a lot. There's also a udon noodle place on lomita and Hawthorne. Sushi is probably my least favorite japanese food.
i go Torrence very often about twice a week, I go try different places every time I am there. Rarely being disappointed.
Never paid attention of those zippers, but I just found it good quality and very shiny.Did some research and found those are good/expensive zippersoff topic but saint laurent has a metallic silver thing of this. [[SPOILER]] well and few pair of shoes in same material
Red 5zip is good, suede version is ugly. Incarnation is good.
depend on the way you ride. If you ride a lot of local and on freeway on high rpm you will notice low mpg as well
I only have 25 mpg my on bike lol.
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