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depend on the way you ride. If you ride a lot of local and on freeway on high rpm you will notice low mpg as well
I only have 25 mpg my on bike lol.
Saint Laurent has it's classic double rider (in permanent collection) in red sheepskin. Tried it on and didn't like it. The red 5-zip is good, few people pulled it off well. Also tried the red balmain, too much padding/lining.
I do it every time after I sold something. Is that not allowed on forum?If it's not allowed I will put it back.
fingerless gloves
Lobb William II in Brown SOLD
400$ speeding ticket plus tons of fees.
namor i love you.
i like black leather w red lining, looks kinky.
some of the LVC are good, but the one you posted look good as well. i like it.
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