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Good, thought i'm the only one allergic to Rev'it gloves, now you are the other one.
ICON 1000 mostly made in China well there are so many things on your bike made in China as well. Is made in China matters don't buy it.Vanson and Fox creek is OK. It fits traditional Harley image better. It's a complete different league with brands like Dainese ICON or even Alphinestar who's more focus on younger race track style.i primarily recommend dainese motorcycle jacket and and for racing pants and racing suits, Dainese really did well. When you pay 500 bucks for a...
For some reason I think a pair of proper pants more important than jacket. People often ignore the pants. epb, those are some good suggestions, I'm a big fan of Dainese as well. I think they only got 3 stores in States: Chicago, SF, and Orange County in SoCal. Revzilla is my friend. What bike do you ride?
You need Helmet gloves (you need 3 pairs mesh, leather, gauntlet) and jacket for sure. For fall/winter get some leather jacket don't think you need armor for now unless you want to. For pants someone mentioned you can get plain looking KEVLAR liner jeans which will cover your legs and ass. this is really important. If it get cold, get over pants (textile or leather). Yes over pants getting baggy but from my experience is I usually get cold on legs but not upper body. I...
You guys need 1. Leather 2. Chrome 3. Blood Go get 2 and 3.
untreated concrete walls are nice.
HP4 is about 5k more and it's essentially an upgraded version of S1000RR with tons of electronics. I like the concept and I see the future of superbikes. I would wait for next gen of HP4, a more refined bike. a S1000RR is enough to compete w anything 2 wheels. It's good on street and on track, almost perfection.
for 26k you can get pretty much any superbike you want in the market, include Aprilia RSV4 MV Agusta F4 Ducati Panigale and BMW S1000RR. Guess I will pass lol. my personal fav is the S1000RR and RSV4 Factory ABS
I used to go to Shin Sen gumi M-Tu happy hour half price
For ramen I've only tried a few places (since I just moved to LA 6 month ago) I don't like Daikokuya, at least the one close by my house, almost hated it. shinsengumi ramen is OK nothing special. Santouka is OK, but I like their rice bowl>ramen. I heard they are going to have another location in Torrance. By far my fav is a place called Silverlake Ramen in silverlake lol. they also have good pork bun (pork belly is so gooood) @gramaercyyork I am going to try Ramen...
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