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15k? damn add a lil more get a S1000RR
putting on new tires and slipper clutch. will see how it goes.
who's the fk is Diglet?
god the headlight
I like the boots as well, but the price is a little high for $295 I wish they have black leather with red shoe lace.
Damn I was in Reseda today should've check this thread earlier.
well it's sad Atelier New York is closing although I never really didn't buy anything from them before. Must be hard to maintain a business selling 5k leather jacket and 2k boots, even in New York.
from what i've seen so far Mr. Slimane has a strong leather fetish I bet he liked to be tied/tie other people and wearing leather chaps when having sex. I'm waiting SLP launch those products very soon next season.
Good, thought i'm the only one allergic to Rev'it gloves, now you are the other one.
ICON 1000 mostly made in China well there are so many things on your bike made in China as well. Is made in China matters don't buy it.Vanson and Fox creek is OK. It fits traditional Harley image better. It's a complete different league with brands like Dainese ICON or even Alphinestar who's more focus on younger race track style.i primarily recommend dainese motorcycle jacket and and for racing pants and racing suits, Dainese really did well. When you pay 500 bucks for a...
New Posts  All Forums: