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If you looking to pay big buck, buy SLP in black. Prorsum leather looks inferior quality
if you only has those 3 options, go for the Aprilia. The Ducati has most uncomfortable riding position of all the bikes i'd sit on. My back hurts after 5 minutes. okus the RSV4 handles better than the Panigale. IMO it's a better street bike as well. The bike mainly for street or track?
15k? damn add a lil more get a S1000RR
putting on new tires and slipper clutch. will see how it goes.
who's the fk is Diglet?
god the headlight
I like the boots as well, but the price is a little high for $295 I wish they have black leather with red shoe lace.
Damn I was in Reseda today should've check this thread earlier.
well it's sad Atelier New York is closing although I never really didn't buy anything from them before. Must be hard to maintain a business selling 5k leather jacket and 2k boots, even in New York.
from what i've seen so far Mr. Slimane has a strong leather fetish I bet he liked to be tied/tie other people and wearing leather chaps when having sex. I'm waiting SLP launch those products very soon next season.
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