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I like the pair of SLP black low with red stripe. Unfortunately porter is the only place carry the color and sold out.
jeans looks like biker tryhard the shirt is abercrombie or american eagle?
You can get a brand new balmain on ebay for about 2000 if you keep looking.
Cucinelli +1
dup post
Black pair is brand new, Brown Museum is used (4 times). Looking to sell both pairs together. retail 1265 per pair asking for both pairs. (+3% or personal) shipped CONTUS Please send me offers if you want to buy it separately Length: 11.5'' outsole. width: 3.75'' outsole. both pairs 7000 last First picture represent most accurate color. Both shoes come with the box, shoe bag. Free Brooks Brothers Shoe tree. I purchased those in the US from retail store. They...
it's so hard to find anything from Givenchy and do not let ppl know it's Givenchy.
gotta buy some Givenchy Tyson w stars. thoughts?
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