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A little silly to compare retail AE price to B&S price of anyone else. Apples to oranges. I don't own any AE, by the way.
Looks like a Tricker's boot
If the guy who bought the Whiskey Indys in sz 12 today on eBay is here... letme know if those don't work out. I went to a movie this afternoon rather than wait around to snipethem and I figured you'd come back and get them from me.
My first Vass. I think they fit... will need to wear them a bit more to really know. Purchased from Notch on SF so these were super cheap. Really fortunate because I think they're gorgeous.
I was advised to take my Barrie size on the 2030 last
^I think that shade of ravello is pretty ideal tbh
Listing: http://www.styleforum.net/t/509158/alden-x-winn-perry-little-tanks-10-5/0_100 @gambit402 is selling a practically new pair of Alden "Little Tank" plain toe reverse chamois boots on crepe. Size 10.5D, Barrie last (so TTS 11). The Reverse Chamois Alden boot is my favorite casual boot they do (I own the Leathersoul "Pitt" version on double leather) and these are offered super cheap and in great condition. If these are your size, buy them ASAP and enjoy the best...
Inspired by zippy. I put these on and then can't remember why I don't wear them every day. (Niche army jacket from NMWA and Epaulet madras shirt)
This may be a dumb question, but how does G&G's Hatch Grain calf differ from StC's russian reindeer calf?
email confirmation with a promise to ship ASAP when i confirmed my address.i'm on the west coast so i'll likely get mine last. there were about a dozen on the email I received, though, and I'm not sure how many that order held (i think 13 on my email... and i figured 24 started and maybe 9 took the earlier offer for another cigar shoe or a refund or something).
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