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I foresee a lot of incoming pictures of Cigar and Ravello LWBs...
Another off the board. Slowly but surely the weather is turning and slowly but surely people are buying these from me. Don't wait to send an offer!
My wears from a work trip: Winn Perry CT calf boot (with a special appearance from @pdx_carpet; apologies for the blurry photo!) x J. Crew suede PTB 906
someone buy everything in my sig so i can make a run at this please
I was inspired by a handful here (especially @sazon, who convinced me I just purchased a pair equivalent to #2 captoe boots) and went down the street to buy my own Winn Perry CTs: Now I just need fall weather to hit.
Is there a picture of a grain gianni out there?
These are tentatively on hold until October 3rd.
I think there was a batch of very dark cigar that went towards CT boots. But the PTBs (see my sig) and the LWBs I've seen recently weren't super dark.
I wish someone would put together a Whiskey Cottesmore (jodhpur) GMTO... (Although I'd wonder if C&J would do a shell makeup for this boot) http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/cottesmore-chestnut
Speaking of Commando... looks like Winn Perry took a restocking of their CXL PTBs on Commando. http://www.winnperry.com/collections/footwear/products/alden-94320c-brown-chromexcel-plain-toe
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