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Does anyone have some well-worn photos of the Carmina veggie-tanned jumper? I'm looking for a shit-kicker winter boot and I think I prefer the Carminas to the newest alden chamois+commando daytripper. I've never owned Carmina before, though.
i really like that chamois boot... wish they made it plain-toe.
Does anyone know what model the 44732 is? I have an Alden box for that but I don't know what shoe it goes to...
can't wait to get my drake's for luxeswap cashmere cardigan thanks spoo!
LeatherSoul large size sale: 2014 Big Size Sale (ALDEN) To order email info@leathersoul.com. ALL SALES FINAL! Cap Toe Oxford, Black Calf, Hampton, #907, 12D, $395.00 Cap Toe Oxford, Brown Calf, Hampton, #920, 12D, $395.00 Perf Cap Toe Oxford, Burgundy Calf, Hampton, #905, 11.5D, $395.00 Flex Cap Toe Blucher, Black Soft Calf, Copley, #9571F, 11D, 12D, $395.00 Flex Cap Toe Blucher, Brown Soft Calf, Copley, #9572F, 11D, 12D, $395.00 Flex Tassel Loafer, Black Soft Calf,...
Hey Spoo, can you remind me of the process for paying for multiple items? Will you send an invoice?
What are the trousers there?
Speaking of the Conservation Boot... that's my pair today. (New to me but not new, obviously.)
Dang those TSM PCTs really look nice
They look great. I don't understand how they differ from the DC boots, though.
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