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Gorgeous, Moosic! What a collection! All from Leffot? Duplicate #8 LWBs?
B&S has declined because it's not user friendly for buyers (and as a result, for sellers) compared to its competitors. They "heyday" of B&S (of which I don't think I experienced) may have been incredible due to a variety of factors (fewer affiliate threads that hoarded conversations, macroeconomic reasons, minimal competitors before the growth of non-eBay, second hand online reselling), but other sites are easier to buy/sell on at this point and that has nothing to do...
I think they're both on the 202, yeah.
I took advantage of the Mr. Porter sale to grab a pair of EG Windermeres in burgundy crup. Here are some terrible, hastily shot iPhone photos. last photo is a comparison to Windermeres in brown (cigar?) crup.
I was already on the fence with buying more EG just because I think eliminating GMTOs is so lame. Don't think I'll be supporting that brand anymore. A 50% price increase is ridiculous.
Yeah, i don't recall anything marked as Final Sale last night. I made a purchase of a pair of shoes that was the last pair available and my fear is that they're scuffed/basically seconds quality and i wouldn't be able to return them.My receipt doesn't say anything about Final Sale, however.
You guys should link the site so SF gets credit: http://www.mrporter.com/sale?cm_sp=homepage-_-salem1-_-23-06-15
Took delivery of both the Leathersoul suede wingtip and 14 oz. whiskey shell wingtip this week. Pictures were posted earlier in this thread by better photographers than I (and I'll note that someone is selling their LS suede wingtips and it's the best deal on the marketplace! http://www.styleforum.net/t/501773/alden-snuff-wingtip-boots-barrie-last-9-5d/0_100). The collection continues to round into place...
Only the Pitt boots and the unlined chukkas left - both Alden. Never would have guessed those were the ones which would take a while to sell!
I was able to order the saddle shoe in 12E, so that's strange that kwhitelaw was having issues with it (or it had been resolved on the site, as I ordered about 15 minutes ago). Mike, do you have a sense of when we should expect these? Is it 18 months? And is it the same time horizon as the shitkicker black shell boots? I keep a pinterest these days to keep track of my orders (lol) and it's helpful to know when I should expect them to come in... Finally, does anyone have...
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