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Any #Brexit-inspired EG purchases with the pound potentially falling?
Good luck to y'all chasing those saddles...
TSM Cigar Indys cancelled? Or just mine? D:
And extra sad because I (and I'm sure others) passed up on the Walter because we had deposits on the Ryden boot.
Here's to you having something in a size 11F/G or 11.5
MASSIVE/FINAL price drop before I consign this with Spoo... $700 is my final drop for sure before it goes into a box with some other things. BUY THIS SO I CAN BUY OTHER THINGS PLEASE!
Skoak, when can we expect the EB3863s in their brown calf (Vitello Meleze) GMTO from back in February? Or, at least, I think it was February. I thought the order on that said two months.
still ridiculous that these were on TSM's seconds list... no idea what is wrong with them. my first wear.
Lovely! When did you place your order?
While I'm bummed that the Smith Street store is closing (which was nearest my work's Central Office and allowed me to stroll in when I was in the city), I am excited at the thought of more west coast events! Maybe some Oregon business + Epaulet collaborations, even? Dare I suggest an EFF Pendleton event?!
New Posts  All Forums: