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Does anyone know how often Westley Richards restocks their rosewood galways? I think I need an 11.5 in the F width and they're sold out. Will I be waiting months for that?
Interested in a trade? Isaia peacoat or LP suede jacket?
JeezI'm on an order for a Kudu Thorpe right now but these make me want a VOAK version, too... I wonder if those are too similar...
Bump with price drop and removing sold Alden and C&J boots.
Bumped with significant price drops.
Awful news about the C&J GMTO cancellations. They were a pleasure to buy through and I'd easily do it again if I had a desire to! In other news...if you are my size and want a Whskey Harlech, I'm selling a barely worn pair! See my signature! These are now impossible to order via a GMTO, apparently...
I've had a barely worn pair of CXLs for sale for about a month and have had zero interest in them. I think they're awesome but I guess others don't think so (or they're so unique that no one knows what they look like worn).I also have the Natural CXL ones and they're freaking awesome.
These look fantastic.And someone can get a hell of a deal on a barely used pair if they look in my sig for it.
Really dig it. I have a pair of Alden Tan Vegano cap toe boots on double leather/waterlock (from Winn Perry, a retailer that has closed up shop) and it's probably my favorite non-shell Alden boot. It's really an incredible leather and IMO simply bizarre that we haven't seen it more. This is slightly different (perforated captoe/colored eyelets) but it looks great! Here was a post by @Disco Volante with wear on that leather:...
VIN078? LIN077? What are those? A lot of those shoes look absolutely incredible. Congrats to whomever ordered them - wear them in good health!
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