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What are the details on that watch?
New to Viberg, please forgive what may be a common question (I've read the last five pages or so of this thread and haven't seen it, though): I want a black service boot on Commando or Dainite. I really like the 3sixteen Stealth makeup. I really like the black french calf from Brooklyn Clothing Co. I really like the black cxl service boot from Leffot. I'm not as big of a fan of the black SF Market makeup. But those are all either out of stock or not available in my size...
that makes me long for the epic sales (via google doc spreadsheets!) DC Lewis used to do on SF...
thanks for the idea!
Does Skoak's offerings differ in any way from Westley Richards'?
The sun went behind a cloud just as I was setting these up... so that's too bad. Cigar Chukkas from Alden SF: New Cigar Chukkas flanked by new Ravello Chukkas (Alden DC) and Cigar LWBs (AoC) The cigar shade is practically identical for the LWBs and Chukkas. Much lighter/browner than photographed.
Any way to stack anything with the 30% off? I had read in here there are 15% stackable discounts (making the effective discount 40.5%) but i can't figure it out...
i usually skip the tie section but that Kiton tie is beautiful
I would assume the ravello CT would have dark edging like their chukkas... has anyone seen a ravello with antique edging?
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