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looks like epaulet is having a 10% off sale right now, which is about as cheap as you'll get (assuming it works on Indys and assuming they have some in stock!)otherwise, your best bet will be to wait for one of those j. crew coupons to work on Aldens (which happens every 2-3 months and is usually corrected in a couple of hours, so you have to act fast).
General Quarters with a 25% off black friday coupon code of MASHEDPOTATOES (excluding Red Wing boots, Filson, and some Rogue Territory running items). http://generalquartersstore.com/ I purchased a couple of pairs of RgT Officer Trousers and I don't think there's a better price out there today.
Not the greatest photo, but epaulet rivet chinos + corgi socks + alden sf whiskey ptbs + family and a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.
I may have missed it over t he last couple of weeks when I was somewhat AWOL, but has there been an ETA given on the ends for friends shirting event from October?
A handful of retailers (Alden DC, NY, TSM) run captoe boots in the rarer shell colors. But those appear maybe once every 12-18 months and seemingly longer recently. Your best bet would be to call them, get on a list, and be very patient.The lasts most frequently used for CT Boots are Barrie and Grant. You should size down 1/2 on Barrie (approximately). Grant is more of a tweener and you find people who size down 1/2 and those who go true-to-size.
I hope RogerP gets a kickback from Skoak and EB... his photos of that gorgeous shoe has probably sold 12+ pairs. I would love to join but unfortunately the funds are a bit dry right now. But I eventually will end up with that same shoe in brown and probably black and maybe something else. It's the perfect captoe. And to the GMTO organizers, i would strongly recommend you create a thread in the Preoders/GMTO sub-forum. It seems way easier to organize something in there...
No offense, but natural cxl is going to get beat the hell up and that little scratch/scuff will just add to the character.It's your prerogative to return them, of course, but they'll look like that within an hour of wear, anyways. This isn't shell...
Funny enough, I wore my Whiskey Harlechs (on dainite) out in rainy Portland, Oregon tonight. Of course, when you valet your car, you're only outside in the rain for about five seconds...
So 12D Barrie wearers can't get a marlow wingtip to work, eh? Bummer.
Are there any 12D Alden Barrie wearers who have experience with the Marlow Wingtips? NAMOR's spreadsheet suggests they're approximately 1/4 down and one should go TTS if they have a wide foot. Unfortunately, RL does not make the wingtip in 12.5 so TTS is not an option for me. So did 12D Barries get a 12D Marlow Wingtip working?
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