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do you have measurements and materials for the panta scarf?
Do you have a list of your stock line somewhere?
Nope. I still want that one more.
Well it wouldn't last but... You're the highest bidder on this item! ...for the LP Vicuna jacket. So that's kind of fun.
shitty pic from my stairwell, but a perfect day for #8 CT boots on Commando....
Spoo in the past has actually encouraged promotion of consigners' auctions here. I for one appreciate it. Landed a promoted tie last week and almost got the Givenchy emerald tie this week...
Spoo - Is there an ETA on the leather goods going up? And are you ever planning on really utilziing the luxeswap site much? I love flash sales here and obviously eBay is great, too...
I would love to get in on that Galway reorder... size 12D (it's supposed to match my Barrie last, yeah?)
terrible photo from an airplane, but man i love these winn perry boots...
What are the details on that watch?
New Posts  All Forums: