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Does any online retailer offer a country calf plain toe blucher?
They responded to an inquiry once but I think I handled the order via phone. I would love to convert my order to a cigar wingtio boot so we will see what happens...
I didn't get an email from AoM despite paying in full for Ravello WTs a while back... That's alarming.
Leaves, can you please add a size 12 or two to the mahogany cc order? Thanks bud!
I can't imagine they made more than one 6.5 Whiskey Indy. Does Alden care enough to figure out who they sold it to and bar him from ordering in the future?
How did you even take possession of a 10E?! Were you hoping it would fit with inserts or did you acquire just because it was so rare?
I love the fit of the EFF Gitman shirt I just received. Generally speaking, would I take the same size on epaulet-branded, New England, or Individualized shirts?
I've been doing a lot of traveling for work recently, which means I've been wearing a lot of Aldens. Unfortunately, I didn't snap pictures of some other wears (Winn Perry tan vegano CT boot, Ravello chukka, Whiskey PTB, and sand suede indy shoe). Chocolate Suede V-Tips: Cigar Chukka: Ravello PT boot (modified): (With special bonus epaulet madras shirt from spring's ends for friends shirting event) Some people say the Ravello PT boot on modified looks like a...
Good luck finding them.
My photos are poor, as usual, but these things are incredible. (As is the early spring PNW weather!)
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