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I bought it at a LP sample sale... and then promptly moved out of NYC to a warmer, damper climate.I think it has fewer than 20 wears.It's a shame I had to sell it just because it was such a unique piece. Really interesting texture. And, obviously, the usual LP fixtures and quality.
I hope y'all forgive my beginner question... If I see roughly the same price on eBay as on chrono24 as on WatchRecon, should I assume I wouldn't find it cheaper anywhere else? I am simply in love with the JLC Memovox "Tribute to Polaris '68." (I desire the tribute watch for price considerations, obviously). I see it for about $13K-$13.5K listed in most places. I've never purchased a watch from any of the sites I've named above. Would I expect to pay that list price or...
Spoo, what is the expected turnaround these days from dropoff to listing? I sent a package in about a month ago and am wondering when I will need to start creating some fake eBay accounts to inflate the price of my goods!
I'm now at four months (mid-March) waiting on my order. And radio silence from my retailer, who apparently isn't having any of their shoes made because they don't pay their StC bills. This is How You Ensure You Don't Get Repeat Customers 101...
Any #Brexit-inspired EG purchases with the pound potentially falling?
Good luck to y'all chasing those saddles...
TSM Cigar Indys cancelled? Or just mine? D:
And extra sad because I (and I'm sure others) passed up on the Walter because we had deposits on the Ryden boot.
Here's to you having something in a size 11F/G or 11.5
MASSIVE/FINAL price drop before I consign this with Spoo... $700 is my final drop for sure before it goes into a box with some other things. BUY THIS SO I CAN BUY OTHER THINGS PLEASE!
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