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Hello and thank you for viewing my closet cleaning thread!I love luxury outerwear. It's in my view where the difference between good and outstanding quality is most pronounced. But I have acquired too many pieces over the last few years and now I'm looking to sell. I'm creating some space in my closet due to the following reasons:1. I've lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years and these items don't fit me properly anymore. I've considered trying to tailor these,...
where else in PDX will you be going?
brown suede v tips
you don't wear a 12 in barrie, right? so we wouldn't both be calling when they open looking for the same size?i mean, it's in my signature and everything!
who do i need to sweet talk to get a Gianni in a size 12? i've considered cutting off my toes to get a chance at vedder's 11...
i was surprised at the quality in C21 today (although I admittedly hadn't been there in over a year). Dozens of Isaia shirts and even more jackets/sport coats. A wall of Cucinelli sweaters and a lot more RLPL (button downs, sweaters, even some sweater jackets) than I remember seeing (and the usual amount of Zegna). And a ton of Carson Street Clothiers and Billy Reid, too.
so who wants to own up to owning some color #2s? and more importantly, explain why you carry them around in a bag with you and show them to retailers? this is most certainly a SFer...
Are there no 10.5 - 11 Alden wearers? I remain shocked that TSM's Cigar LWB has gone unsold (it's size 11) and Frans Boone has a couple of offerings in Cigar (plain-toe boot! PTB on an antique edge!) in 11 and 10.5, respectively, that remain unsold.
Either these have sold or they're not searchable properly because I don't see them.
Feel free to continue passing on cigar, folks. I'll take all the cigar I can get... Cigar PTBs
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