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Bought a shirt. Cheapest NWT Drake's I've ever seen.
Spoo, can you confirm that the EG spectators are just tagged 12/13 and it doesn't say 12 B? Those aren't narrow, are they?
J. Crew coupon doesn't work on the 975s. :/ Doesn't even allow for coupon codes to be entered.
Unbelievable these are still available.
IMO selling on gr@iled and gyw is okay but eBay is where you really get a lot of action. Of course, you're paying the fees on eBay so maybe an $800 listing there nets you the same as a $700 listing on the other sites. I've had dreadful luck selling on SF in the last year. I've listed things here and sold them on other places for a higher price almost immediately.
^Do you like dark brown or lighter brown? They're both similar. Both look nice.
I may be tempted by the stingray trainer on Friday. Who can size epaulet sneakers for me with Alden's Barrie last as the comparable?
Sorry, I have more Aldens than any other brand of shoe but that price from Context is outrageous. I honestly wonder if it's a typo and should be $7xx. And I don't think Alden compares very favorably to C&J so the idea that C&J shell can be had cheaper is pretty funny to me...
First wear of some EG shell:
Not the exact same, but B+M has an all-eyelet, non-brass version on an oiled leather sole: http://brickmortarseattle.com/shoes.html
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