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My first Vibergs, too.
Dang, these are great! Who was selling PT snuff boots?
It's this. Or, at least, that's how I was able to get a pair of Cigar LWBs from him. Someone in this thread mentioned he was taking a list and I emailed on got on it.I'm a 12D on the Barrie last, though, so I don't believe anyone who says he doesn't take larger sized preorders.And my Cigar LWB purchase was my first purchase from him, so I don't think you have to be buddies.
NST boot with antique edge on commando please
Are there other MTO examples of this book? It's gorgeous and I'm curious as to what it looks like in other colors/types of leather.
I hope you put this on preorder so I can get my size!
Love seeing shoes worn like shoes should be worn!
how is (was?) there even a nevis gmto possibility? i thought gmtos were stopped a few months ago?
Is that a recent DC delivery?
Are there any pictures in the wild of Winn Perry's CDI tanker? http://www.winnperry.com/collections/alden/products/alden-tanker-boot-d4912-1 360 welt, NST boot on a rubber sole with all eyelets? Seems really interesting (and someone similar to the we-will-never-see-it-again conservation boots) and I'd love to see pictures if anyone has them! They also did a NST boot (with pull tabs) in all eyelets in tobacco chamois. Did I miss when these were discussed?
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