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Hello -In an effort to fund a larger home furnishing purchase, I've cleaned out my closet of shoes that I either don't wear enough or don't fit properly. I would prefer to ship to just the CONUS but PM me with offers if you are outside of that shipping region or if you're interested in more than one of these! All contents are noted in the following classified ads for what is provided after purchase. Shipping is included in the listed shoe price.For your consideration, the...
I'll be paying you $725 or whatever it is pretty soon, though
Speaking of epaulet Alden orders, when should we expect the black shell PT boot to arrive? I can't remember when we ordered and I also have no idea as to the ordinary turnaround time for Alden orders.
Maybe I missed it, but these weren't custom to you, were they?I think they have a bit too much creasing to be sold as firsts, personally, but as others have mentioned, the shaft will crease like that after just a few hours of wear, anyways.
Just bought the last Niche green army jacket. Please ship fast!
I too would be interested in a few of these, but I'm unfortunately not optimistic based on your (lack of) activity. Hopefully you're still making them!
JOHN LOBB AINTREE PRESTIGE LABEL 10.5 E 1105 last, US 11.5 $500
Yeah he did, but if he's being honest with himself, it's too big for him and he's going to sell it to me.
Alden SF has a Ravello chukka and a Whiskey PTB. Both in size 13E and both on the Barrie last.
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